Anniversaries, Good or Bad, Always Come Around


August 11, 2011 was the day we returned to the states after living in Argentina.  Anniversaries aren’t always something we want to celebrate but are often carthatic and a release. This anniversary marks 3 years that we’ve been back in the states, which is as long as we were gone.  It feels significant.  As Zekey just started 2nd grade, he had to prepare an “All About Me” bag, he wanted to include photos of him playing in the “cancha” or field with the kids we worked with while living in Argentina. (I love that he thought of this as something unique about him and his life.)  As I looked for those pictures over the weekend, they took me to a place to remember with tears of sadness.  I haven’t viewed those photos in awhile, they brought about some more healing in my heart about our time spent in La Plata.

I still have days that I struggle to accept that we live back in the states.  We were doing what we always hoped we would do, it wasn’t easy, and I fought through months of discontentment while we first lived there, and came to an acceptance of God’s leading and will in our lives.  And then as quickly as we were there, we came back.  Disillusioned and reeling and grieving the death of a dream of seeing a church started to glorify Him.

Three years later, there is some clarity in the bigger picture of how God had a plan for us in Indianapolis, but I still struggle with discontentment in that plan.  It seems that is a theme in my heart that God continues to work on and grow in me.   There are days I don’t ever feel like I’ll fit in here, and I’m trying to accept that that is okay.  There’s a restlessness in my heart to “go” and “do”, but I’m learning how to “go” and “do” right here.  Watching a friend’s kids for her while she works, working in our family business, volunteering at school, getting to know families through my kids’ friends at school and sports…….these are all significant things, and significant for the kingdom.  I’m often fighting the echos of lies in my ears about how insignificant our time spent in La Plata was and how insignificant my life here is…’s a battle.  God is always good, he is always faithful and he always loves us.  These truths are what I repeat to myself to keep away the echos.

And I pray that we will be faithful where we are, and that I won’t hold too tightly to my life here.  And hoping to go back…somewhere, and maybe that day will come when one of our kids decides they want to church plant overseas, and we follow them.  :)


Because photos are so important to my life, I want to share the last few days of our time in Argentina and the people we said goodbye to.

(Okay, so we didn’t say goodbye to them, but look how small all of them are!)



Our friends in ministry, Meche and Tati.IMG_4049


Nanci and Andrea, Pablo’s mom and sister.



Pablo and Tomas.



Magi, Yanella, Chuchi, Veronica, Erica, and I’m drawing a blank on Erica’s sister.  :(



Some of you helped give this woman and her family money to go toward rebuilding their house, it burned down just a few days before this photo was taken and before we left.



Junior and our boys



Brian, Guri, Ezequiel and Malachi and Elijah



Enrique, Guri, Junior, Dario, Dani, Ezequiel and Brian, Elijah and Zekey



The guys enjoying their new ping pong table.


Marcelo and Alicia


Regi, from the bicycle shop


Ester and Marcelo


The airport, thank you to the McCamans for seeing us off with hugs and words of encouragement.


And thank you to those who have or are walking this journey with us, we’re so thankful for you and sharing in our story and God’s story for our lives.

Carefree Saturdays

After a busy week of getting kids off to school and training Brian’s new administrative assistant at his office, I was so ready for a Saturday to just take it slow and have plenty of time to play.  That’s exactly what these kids did, they do it so well.


Curious George is a new favorite.


Pokemon is never far from these boys’ minds.


And there are frequent role-playing battles outside.



Because bears with hats and pearls need to have a tea party with goldfish.



And the boys were thrilled with Laney’s building of Papi’s office.



Little sisters’ bedrooms can be oodles of fun.



And quite the gathering place.

And I breathed a few deep sighs of relief.  Schedules are necessary, but I have so much disdain for making sure everyone gets everywhere they are supposed to be on time, with the right clothes on…and clean clothes at that.  I like the lulling periods of time that allow for creativity and rest, and I’m not the only one who needs them.  Taking in a few more deep breaths before a new, busy week begins and already wishing for another carefree Saturday.

A Visit with Grammy and Grandaddy



Grammy and Grandaddy came for a visit.  We spent some time at Conner Prairie, an interactive history park.




We stopped by the Lenape Camp first and the two older boys got to throw a tomahawk at a target.








We stopped by the barn to say hello to the animals.  There was lots of petting of sheep, lambs, goats, kids and calves.



Next we entered 1836 at Prairietown, the kids all spun a wheel that landed on a role for them to do while visiting.  Malachi was a housekeeper, Zekey and Elijah were gardeners, and Laney was a farmhand. So they had a card with various jobs they had to complete.  We walked around to the houses and gardens and inns to ask what they needed help with.


The boys picked flowers and then had to remove the petals for drying to use for a tea.


We saw some black swallowtail caterpillars eating the dill.  Also, we saw a black rat snake that kept slithering around the wood pile.  Laney was thrilled to see a snake.


The gardeners were sorting beans.


The housekeeper made the beds at the inn.  It only costs 12 1/2 cents to stay per night(anyone want to come visit us?).  Malachi also earned 1/2 cent here that he spent at the store for a clay marble.


Laney was so excited to see a covered wagon like Laura from the Little House in the Big Woods.


The farmhand collected an egg from the hen’s box, with the help of her brother, to take in to the cooks.



More work by the gardeners, watering some plants.



Checking out the wash house.



Here’s the handspinning house with so many beautiful colors of yarn.  All the wool was shorn from their sheep, spun on site and then dyed with various plants from their land and in various kinds of metal tubs which also changes the color.  It all made me want to try this myself…..hmmmm, that would be a fun new challenge.  :)




Our last stop was to 1863 during the Civil War.




There’s two of my soldiers in there.



What a great time!  We love this place and we loved having Grammy and Grandaddy with us to enjoy it too!