Thursday September 21, 2006

I cut Malachi and Elijah’s hair.  It always is so much easier to manage after a cut.  This is the shortest I’ve cut Elijahs.  He looks soooo big now.  I used the clippers and used the 1/2 inch in the back and around his ears.  He doesn’t have little wings anymore that look so cute.  They are getting pictures taken tomorrow and there’s always a dilemna of what should they wear–I still have another 20 hours to decide.

Brian’s having some good contacts with churches in the Dayton area–some prayer partners and some financial support too.  Praise God!!

Next week we are going to look at several rentals–I’m really excited.  I feel like living in my parent’s basement has made me revert back to a teenager in some emotional ways.  I just want to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want my own space, my own furniture and own decorations–not old china cabinets and scary knick knacks staring me down.  Not to mention the smell of urine and mildew and mold that engolfs the basement.  So–relief is in sight, at least physically, but not financially.  God has never ceased to take care of us.  I know this sounds really cheesy–but I was pumping gas earlier today and I saw this little birdie 2 feet away from me eating crumbs from the ground.  God reminded me he takes care of the sparrows, he will continue to provide for the needs of my family.

Elijah started saying “love you” yesterday and he’s also saying “please”, not just signing it anymore.  We’re working on thank you.  Malachi wants to hear the same books over and over again–which can be tiring!  I have so many memorized now, and he’s starting to memorize them too.  Yesterday he was looking through a book and “reading” what was on the pages–it was awesome.  He’s also started looking through books and “spelling” the words on the page.  He says random letters for each page.  I love watching them learn so much–it is soooo amazing.

Hey Deb–was Ellie’s birthday the 20th or 21st?  Happy Birthday Ellie!
Hi Sara—your boys are so precious! How old are they?


4 thoughts on “Thursday September 21, 2006”

  1. There is really nothing like having your own space. I love watching Audra “read.” I’ll need you to teach me how to cut hair. I don’t want to pay to have Campbell’s cut all of the time.

  2. There is nothing scarier than knick-knacks.  We’re praying for the new place to come soon.  Can’t wait to see the boys’ pictures.  Ellie has just started the “reading” thing a little, too.  It’s so fun.  Her birthday was the 21st.  Can’t believe she’s 2 already. 

  3. Hey Tara, I hope you get some good pics. Those have always made fun memories for us…1st pic: great, 2nd pic: little restless, 3rd pic: turning hostile, 4th pic: biting occurs…it’s a special memory we reserve for Christmas time 🙂 Anyhow, Miles turned 3 in May and Jackson turned 2 in June…yep the math says 13 mos. apart. Your boys look pretty close in age too. I’ve never braved the clippers–good to hear it turned out well.

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