Friday September 22, 2006

Well, it ended up successful.  The pictures at JCPenny’s turned out great–but I didn’t think we’d get any.  Elijah refused to sit down –he kept crying.  Malalachi resisted too, then I bribed Malachi with fruit snacks.  I did the old suitcases and a teddy bear–but they wouldn’t wear the hats.  We did eventually get one with both of them and one with Elijah by himself.  I did the sepia coloring and it looks sooooo adorable.  I wish I could show you–once I get them I’ll try to show them off.  I don’t know how to download our pictures from the camera to the computer so pictures of their haircuts will have to wait until Brian can instruct.

Yesterday I was walking on the boardwalk and I ran into my second grade teacher–whom I haven’t seen since elementary school.  The only way I knew it was her was because she had a name tag on to re-elect her as a judge in the county. I remember her being a lot taller.

My mom is having a yard sale tomorrow—I’m gonna try and sell some things, so I’m off to price items.

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