Tuesday September 26, 2006

Good news first, Brian is home!  And he had some great contacts with Dayton area people.  Praise God.

We looked at two duplexes today.  We chose one to rent and filled out the application and signed and paid for a credit check.  We had a difficult time explaining  the whole money thing–or lack of.  The people who own it go to our church–but haven’t been for awhile–so pray for mercy and grace.  Pray that our credit score is still good!!!!!
We left really discouraged and stressed.  God continues to provide for us and through this last week of Brian being in Ohio, God provided enough money to pay for the first month’s rent.  The other two months, we are planning to use savings.  Then, hopefully in January we will be on GBIM support.  AHHHHHH–I feel stressed typing all that.  I think I need to pray some more—my faith is lacking right now.

For any of you interested in knowing more about what we are planning to do with Rich & Jil and Nate & Deb in Argentina, we have a website–which you have to sign into—it has our video on it.  The website is still being worked on, but there’s some stuff there.  The video has been slightly changed for any of you who saw the old one.  This one is a little more refinded and has more from Rich and Jil on it.  Anyway–it is http://www.urbanmission.info



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