Monday October 2, 2006

Moving day is tomorrow!  Packing hasn’t been as exciting , this is our third move this year.  I thought I had gotten rid of tons of stuff, but I’m still short on our plastic containers we invested in earlier this year for all our moves.

I had a great time away this weekend.  I missed Brian and the boys, but it was sooooo great to have a break.  It was awesome to not have to feed other mouths, or change diapers or clean up.  Brian did a great job taking care of them all weekend.  He ran 9 miles on Friday and 14 miles on Saturday with them in the stroller!!!!!   He’s awesome.   Erika and I had a great time together. We had so many great talks.  I also got to reconnect with some teacher friends from Clinton.  The pedicure was sooo awesome–I don’t think my feet have been this smooth since I was a baby.

We’ll be off line for a week or so.


4 thoughts on “Monday October 2, 2006”

  1. Yeah for moving!!!! I’m so happy for you! And I’m so glad that you had a weekend away. Pedicures are such a nice treat :). Ok- Brian is an animal. What in the world??

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