Monday October 30, 2006

Brian ran the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday.  It was a fun and draining day hopping on and off the metro with two strollers.  Erika came with me–it was great having her there.  She knows how to naviagate around DC much better than me.  Malachi insisted on doing everything with Auntie Erika–“Erika push me(in the stroller), Erika pick me up, Erika run with me.”  He had tons of fun!  Brian did an awesome job.  There were 35,000 runners , so that means lots of friends and family to observe.  The excitement of the day was awesome!  People are so encouraging to runners in marathons–Brian had his name on his shirt so people would yell his name when he was running by them.  He said it was a real morale booster and helped him to finish.  We only saw him at mile10—the metro was really crowded at certain spots–so we didn’t get to see him start or finish.  Glad we saw him at least once.  He finished so much better mentally this marathon.  His legs are hurting today–he’ll be taking lots of tylenol.

Here’s some pictures:

Brian at mile 10. He ran some of the way with a friend, Brian, he’s in the red on the left behind my Brian

Stroller break:  Auntie Erika and Malachi running around on the mall.

Malachi tackled Elijah.

Momma and the boys.

We finally found Brian at the end—took awhile.  Yeah for Papa!

I’m going to post some other events from this last week with some pictures, but I need to go shower and change some poopy diapers.


4 thoughts on “Monday October 30, 2006”

  1. I can’t imagine getting around the city with 2 strollers–you had your own marathon 🙂 In the first picture, I thought Brian had a huge ponytail on top of his head–not sure it was, but by the last picture, I figured it probably wasn’t the case… Very fun pics from the day!

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