Monday October 30, 2006

So I’ve been trying to remember the funny events from this week in the Gornik household.
The boys have said and done some silly things since the last time I blogged.  After rereading this, the stories  may be funnier to me than any of you, enjoy anyway.

1. Malachi is a very picky eater and I always give him whatever we’re eating to see if maybe he’ll try it.  It is starting to work.  We had spaghetti and I was trying to get him to eat some noodles.  Brian decided to see if Malachi would race him by sucking the noodles into his mouth.  It worked, Malachi “ate” the noodles. He kept saying, “Papa, you suck.  Papa, you suck.”  Brian and I were trying so hard not to bust out in laughter.

2.  Malachi and Elijah are often fighting over this new Bible we got for them.  Malachi takes it everywhere and he even sleeps with it.  Elijah has caught on and now wants more time with it too.  Malachi will always say “Malach’s Bible” when he sees Elijah with it.  A couple days ago Elijah said back to Malachi, “Elijah’s Bible.”

3.  This is soooo sweet.  Brian and I were cuddling on the couch together.  The boys were playing, Malachi runs up to Brian, gives him a hug and says i love you.  It was sooooo sweet.

4.  Elijah is always so excited to take a bath.  I had the water running and I was helping Malachi undress, Elijah couldn’t wait any longer to get into the bath.  He dove in head first with his clothes still on!

5.  One night before bed last week I asked Malachi to go find his blanket and bunny, we rarely lose them.  He told me he couldn’t find them, I did a scan of the family room and play room, didn’t see them. I kept asking Malachi where they were.  He then said they were in the oven(he had opened it earlier that night–it wasn’t on).  We looked, not there.  The boys have had more access to the kitchen area in this house so for the first time ever, I started to check in the lower kitchen cabinents, dishwasher, fridge, bathroom, trashcan, laundry area–nowhere to be found. We looked in the play room again–there were the runaways, hiding in the corner.

6. Last night I was undressing Malachi and left his undershirt on, Brian called him a little man.  Malachi lifted his arms up and said “muscles.”  We don’t know where he got that from.  It was very cute.

I had the camera on the wrong setting–sorry for the blur, here’s muscle man.

After going out to dinner with my dad on Friday night–they played blocks together.  I think Grandpa, the engineer, had the most fun!


4 thoughts on “Monday October 30, 2006”

  1. Ha!  Ha-ha!  Very funny stories.  Now we’ll have an excuse to tell Brian he sucks.  And Elijah going head first into the bath cracked me up.  Wish we could see those boys in person, but thanks for the stories.

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