Friday November 3, 2006

Today has been a busy day.  I can’t remember everything I did, but it feels so good to finally sit down and chill. Tomorrow is Brian’s 30th birthday.  He’s gone tonight–a planning retreat with a group of teens from church.  It worked out great because I’ve been planning something for tomorrow night.  I’ve been really good at keeping it from him, he always gives me a difficult time about not being able to surprise him.  All week he kept asking me what I was doing for his birthday and I kept saying nothing.  Last night I asked him when he’d be home and he said 6pm.  I told him we have plans tomorrow night so it is important for him to be home by then. Then he mentioned how I can’t keep secrets!!!
I feel like I’m still keeping secrets-he doesn’t know what’s happening.  I just can’t lie very well–oh well.

So, I’m having two other couples over, Jason and Erika and my parents, Mom, Tony and my Dad.  I’m making  steak and shrimp shish kebobs.  I really hope they turn out, it sounds so good!! I’m making peanut butter cup ice cream pie—he doesn’t like cakes.  On Sunday after church I’m taking him to see Flags of our Fathers(Christa, your movie asking gave me a great opportunity to ask him about those movies and he said he really wanted to see this one, thanks for making it easy for me.)  Mom and Tony are watching the boys. I hope Brian’s somewhat surprised!

He’s supposed to be preoccupied tomorrow–so if he reads my blog and finds all of this out, I’d be sooooo sad and then really mad!!!!!

Side note:
I’m asked every once in awhile if the boys are twins, but today on our walk to the post office, three people asked me if they were twins.  Funny.

5 thoughts on “Friday November 3, 2006”

  1. That’s so funny about the boys.  Remember when you were down here and someone asked if they and Ellie were triplets?  People are so weird sometimes.  Sounds like you did an awesome job planning a fun birthday.  Hope you guys have a great time.  Happy 30th, Brian!

  2. I just caught up on reading your blog.  Aaron is home sleeping on the couch, but Cinderella is taking care of Wrigley.  Yeah, for Brian on the marathon.  Last week I ran from Kent all the way to Alpha without stopping.  I’m glad you’ve had some time with other women and teens lately.  Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!   Theo just woke up.  Gotta go.

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