Tuesday November 7, 2006

Philadelphia is where we went for the day yesterday.  It was a great day.  Whenever we go up for a visit we have to remind ourselves over and over again why we live in the suburbs.  We had lunch with Jason and then I hung out with Ashli while Brian packed our van with maternity clothes, christmas tree & ornaments, heroclix and a shower curtain. I got to see my old neighbors and 4 of her 7 kids.  We stood outside as kids were walking home from school and saw most of the teens we were looking to see.  We visited several houses and we were given snacks for the boys, toys, and some awesome puerto rican food:  rice and beans, bread pudding and rice pudding.  I am sooooo excited to dig into it today.  We saw Bilbo–both boys loved seeing him and petting him.
We took Barbie out for dinner and saw lots of other team members.  It was a great day.  We thought we’d leave at 4pm—we left at 8pm.  WE MISS THEM SO MUCH.  Everyone kept asking us if we know spanish yet, wish we could say yes and talk to them in spanish.  Two of the families we visted are mainly spanish speaking, so it is always an adventure to try and communicate.  But they are two of the families who are in the new house church that is all in spanish.  Jason and Christy are leading it.  So–our hearts are glad for how God is working but sad that we aren’t a part of it by being there.

Brian’s party was a blast.  The food turned out great and my dad brought crabcakes—they were sooooooo good.  I still have half of mine in the fridge to finish today.  Brian received several bottles of wine, a new lense for our camera, and the newest U2 cd.  He was excited.  My dad has been great at teaching us all about wine.  Sunday we went to lunch and saw the movie-it was good.  Different than we’d thought it would be.  It was a great afternoon.

Well, today is the day!  My ultrasound is at 3:30.  I’ll try and blog tonight, but right after the ultrasound we are driving to Alexandria, VA for a ministerium dinner.  All the future missionaries from our district were invited.  My mom is watching the boys  this  afternoon and tonight.

One cute story:  while we were driving yesterday Brian called back people who left messages for his birthday.  Malachi was insistent to talk to each of them.  Once this kid started talking, there was no stopping him.  He talked to Brian’s mom and his sister Shirlee for 15 minutes straight. He was telling them everything he likes, what he saw as we were driving and any random thought that popped into his mind.  He kept saying, “going to philadelphia.”
He says all the syllables but it sounds really different than how it is supposed to be pronounced.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday November 7, 2006”

  1. Ahh, the resurrection of the heroclix. 🙂 Sounds like such a good visit in Philly. Has Brian found a wine that he likes yet?? I am SO excited about your appointment today!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yea–Philly!!  I’m so glad you got to see everyone you wanted to–I can’t wait to go back and visit!  It’s so awesome to hear what God is doing there!  Brian’s birthday celebration sounded like it was great.  Can’t wait to hear boy, girl or twins???:)

  3. Can’t wait for that ultrasound news!  Glad to hear you guys had a great trip to Philly.  Malachi is so cute…we’ll have to call and let him talk to Ellie for a while sometime. 

  4. Hope you got a good shot 🙂 We’re asked all the time if our boys are twins too. Like, AAALLLL the time… Oh well, maybe once the 3rd comes, you’ll start getting asked if you have triplets… Yikes…

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