Saturday November 11, 2006

We’ve been really busy every Saturday, the last month, so it has been nice to sit around.  We went to the park around lunch time.  We played at the huge playground and packed a lunch to eat there.  It was fun to see so many dads there.  I usually go during the day on weekdays and you only ever see moms.  Every dad I saw was helping their child to climb higher!  Dads are so much more adventurous than us moms.

We have received some really good news.  We hope to start receiving support from GBIM by the end of this month.  God is so good.

I was pondering life with the new Gornik boy.  I was thinking about how this little guy really won’t ever need anything new–new clothes, new toys, new blankets……we already have plenty.  I wonder how crazy wrestling matches will be and how daring they will be.  Brian has many thoughts of fulfilling is adventurous dreams with his sons.

I still haven’t needed my maternity clothes yet.  I think I missed calculated, maybe I was 22 or 24wks before I needed them with the boys. I’m really not rushing it, because I know I will get sick of them soon enough.

We have internet now—but Comcast has really been giving us the runaround—so hopefully our connection lasts.  Anyway, we’ve been downloading some 24 episodes we’re missing.  So while we’ve been waiting for that we’ve watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy the last 2 nights.  I love that story—it is soooo great.  Every time I watch it something sticks out to me–this time I’m blown away by Sam’s loyalty to Frodo.  He is such a faithful friend.

So, enough of my rambling.  Jason and Erika have our camera to take pictures of their house–for selling purposes.  So, when we get it back I’ll add some pictures of the boys.

3 thoughts on “Saturday November 11, 2006”

  1. That’s awesome about the support!  I’m so glad for you guys.  I, too, have thought about life in the Gornik household with all those boys (not as much as you have, I’m sure!).  I envision Brian egging them on as they try to top each other in feats of strength and daring.  A little scary, maybe, but lots of fun!  I can’t wait for our kids to live close.  Scotty’s going to love playing with your boys.  Hopefully Emerson and Ellie can band together to defend themselves…

  2. That’s so great about your support–God is good!!  hey–I’ve been pondering what it’s like to try and get around with both of the boys since Elisha is outgrowing his carrier and Ethan isn’t reliable walking and holding hands yet–do you have any advice or tips for me?  I need more arms!!

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