Friday November 17, 2006

The boys had a wellness visit today.  They received some shots and did really well.  The doctor was asking Malachi some questions about  things he can do.  She asked him if he reads books and he said,” No, the Bible!”  It was hilarious! The doctor and nurse seemed to get a good chuckle out of it.  She asked him his name and he said “Malachi” , she asked him his last name but he didn’t answer.  On the drive home, Brian asked Malachi what Papa’s name is, Malachi said, “Brian Gornik.”  We were amazed that he knew our last name.  This afternoon at a friend’s house, Malachi kept telling Ben his whole name, “My name is Malachi Brian Gornik!”  Crazy boy. He’s also been into puzzles this week—obsessed with them.  He’s finishing 25 piece puzzles in a few minutes all by himself.  We have three 25 piece puzzles (veggies, fruit, trucks)—Brian dumped all of them out and mixed the pieces up.  He put all three together.

Elijah had a huge tantrum today—he refused to say sorry to his brother for hitting him on the head with a remote control. He needed to give Malachi a hug or kiss to say sorry.  He refused and just cried and whaled.  This lasted for 45 minutes—he finally hugged him.  I think it was maybe a breakthrough into disciplining him.  We really needed to start this, we’ve been so much more relaxed with him than we were with Malachi.  So–we are definitely more intentional now.  I love that Brian and I are a united front on this—I don’t see how other couples do it when they don’t agree on how to discipline their kids.  Thank you God for my husband!!!

The doctor mentioned getting Elijah to stop sucking his thumb because of it messing up his front teeth and palette(sp?).  I invisibly rolled my eyes.  I’m so not worried about it.  I’m glad Elijah has a way to comfort himself.   I sucked my thumb until I was 5—I thought I’d read it really doesn’t mess up your teeth, it’s genetics. I really like my doctor, but she’s not a mom—so maybe when she has a 17 month who sucks his thumb she won’t bother to give that advice anymore.

I’ve been really struggling through some things—I think maybe I’m going through some culture shock.  We’ve been away from the city for 10 months now.  I just don’t fit here in Calvert County.  I just long for the days of community with other believers.  The teens here are different than the teens we were working with in Philly–not completely different, but just sooooo much more difficult to get to know.  I’m really struggling to get to know them, maybe I haven’t tried very hard, I don’t know.  I just really miss our other ministry and I miss our future ministry even though we haven’t begun it.  I know this is where God has us for now, but I long for the days of working with a team again and pouring into people’s lives.   So–I think God is teaching me how to be content.  I know he is growing me and teaching me so much because of being away from big “M” ministry.  So–those are some thoughts—I should have warned you of the length of this blog!


5 thoughts on “Friday November 17, 2006”

  1. Not too long of a post at all…  I’m impressed with Malachi’s puzzle abilities…and knowing his full name.  And I totally agree about how wonderful it is to be united on discipline.  It makes all the difference on those tantrum days.  I’m praying for you in your suburban struggles.  It must be such a huge change.  I am also feeling a bit “homesick” for the future and really working in team.  Anyway, just know that I’m praying.

  2. Aaron was just telling me today, he thought we should get some puzzles for Wrigley. I guess we should. I appreciate Aaron’s partnership in discipline too. Team is so important. I remember our last year in MI, we really longed for a team. Thanks for sharing, I’ll remember when I pray.

  3. I’m glad you aren’t letting the doctor’s comments worry you too much.  I think at 17 months old, he’s probably just fine sucking his thumb!!!  I’ll pray also – community is so very, very important. 

  4. I’m tucking away these nuggets of info on raising kids.
    I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Thank you for your honesty with your struggles. I think part of the problem with suberban life or maybe most North Americans in general is we have this ability to wear masks very easily. Hide ourselves behind a smiling face and pretend like nothing is wrong. Why are we so afraid to relate to eachother? I’m really struggeling with this at work. Everything is handled in secret behind eachother’s backs. I put myself out there and all of a sudden I’m the one to stay away from because oh my goodness I’m admitting that I’m not perfect and may need help. Sorry went on a rant there. I can empathize with your frustration. Any scriptures we can pray with on this topic?

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