Sunday November 19, 2006

It happened!  I was in a rush to visit  another church—I was getting ready and …………………….my two pairs of khakis would not button.  This morning when I woke up I was feeling like my belly was stretching.  So, I wore my maternity khakis today, they feel great.  I still haven’t gone to the shirts yet, but it will be soon!!

We visited About My Father’s Business—a Grace Brethren church in DC.  It was great.  We loved it.  We are going to go back.  We shared about our vision for church planting.  We loved the singing and fellowship.  We got lots of hugs and encouragement.  We felt a breath of fresh air and it felt like we fit. Also, there was another Malachi and two other Elijah’s.  Two of them were brothers—Malachi and Elijah and they had three other brothers!!!

The boys are coloring right now and Malachi started tracing his hand—just in time for some hand turkeys this week. Elijah his been calling Malachi, “Elijah.”  Tonight he called him something that started with an M—good start.  He also started doing puzzles—yeah.  It was really getting exhausting keeping him from messing up Chi’s.  So now he will sit next to Chi and do his own.

Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers.  You are all so awesome and I am so thankful for your friendships!!!  This has been such a blessing to keep in touch this way–thank you God for blogs!


6 thoughts on “Sunday November 19, 2006”

  1. I’m so glad you had a great church visit to day.  That’s awesome.  I’m looking at the picture of the the four of you and picturing three more little boys in there.  Wow…it could happen.

  2. Yea–maternity pants!!  Sounded like a good church visit–I’m so glad it was refreshing for you.  We’re staying here for Thanksgiving and Christmas–my mom’s family is coming for Thanksgiving and Jon’s family is all coming for Christmas!!  It’ll be really wierd to not be traveling this year, but I’m really excited to be staying put too!  We’re going to make a trip to PA in February or March, still undecided.

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