Monday November 20, 2006

This morning we were getting inside of our van and noticed the glove box was open.  I thought it was Brian–asked him about it and he said he did not open it.  He then noticed that most of the loose change in the van was gone, later I checked in the console and the disc man was gone too.  SO–we lived 5 years in inner-city Philly and never had anyone steal anything from our vehicles, maybe a smashed windshield.  We have gotten in the habit of not locking our van doors–so guess we will be locking our doors now.  No, no mistake in the spelling of the title of this blog, it is in honor of all the teens in Philly, thats how the word thieves is pronounced around Urban Hope.

I did not take a nap this afternoon!!  I made Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!  I resurrected the bread machine and made some garlic bread.  I also made lasagna for dinner.  We are going over to Chris, Kristin and Samuel’s house to hang out and learn some guitar.  We got a guitar from some friends and both Brian and I are going to learn it.  So–Chris is going to do a mini lesson with us tonight.  We will hopefully connect with Jason tonight and get our camera back.  I’ll post some picts soon. I’ve been taking more video of the boys over the last week and a half, I’ve got to figure out how to put some footage on here.  Soon….

8 thoughts on “Monday November 20, 2006”

  1. I love the pronunciation. Dave and Trish share funny stories from the hood. So sorry to hear of your loss–we’ve had our car broken into a number of times, and it’s a sick feeling. As far as potty-training tips…each kid is so different. Jack got the pee part down in 1 week, and has less accidents than Miles (who started in July and was already 3)…but I think the most helpful advice I heard was to let them be in charge (or atleast, feel like they’re in charge–like if they want to wear undies to church when you KNOW they’ll have an accident) and to just be as positive as possible (which can be SO hard when there’s poop on the living room floor even today–AAAHHH!!) But we got “I GOTTA GO!” DVD from and there’s a song called “Bye Bye Diapers, hello fun!” Our boys loved those potty songs, and when they’d start protesting, we’d sing the songs, and it helped to get them back on track. This is all advice we received that helped. And we just blocked off a week when we weren’t going anywhere, played the video, and hung out in the bathroom. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Sara for the advice–my brother shared a poopy in the potty song last night. It was sooooo funny. I could see how songs would work. Just wanted to say–we weren’t depressed or down about the thieveses. . .it was just a reminder to lock our doors. I guess if something more meaningful was stolen from us I would have felt violated or mad–but it was nothing important so……

  3. Yeah! Keep up the good work with the guitar learning. I tried it once and wimped out after 2 lessons. I just figured I’d let Miah take care of what he does very well. I think I also was not thrilled with the pain on my fingertips and the calouses that you have to develop. Wouldn’t it be cool if both of you could play together?

  4. That’s awesome that you are learning to play the guitar–I’d love to learn sometime.  Jon picked it up in college, but hasn’t played since our first yr at UH.  So wierd about your van, we’ve gotten out of the habit of locking our doors too.  I miss Franklin Mills so much too-hope you have a great visit at UH and get to go to the mall too!  What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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