Wednesday November 29, 2006

We had a great Thanksgiving with my Nana, Dad, Jason and Erika.  We went down to Nana’s house in Virginia.  Malachi was obsessed with Auntie Erika the whole time.  The food was great.  We came back Friday and went to a youth group reunion on Friday night.  It was great to catch up with some of the young adults from when Brian interned here 6 years ago.  Saturday we drove to Philadelphia, hung out with some of the team and some teens that night.  We went to Meyerstown on Sunday morning–New Beginnings GBC.  We had a great visit.  We ate lunch and hung out at a family’s house for the afternoon and Brian went to the Missions Committee meeting in the afternoon.  It was a great time to visit because next week was a voting on the budget meeting and we were on there to receive support but it was pending because we didn’t have a prayer partner in the church.So–there is a young lady who is new to the committee who didn’t have a prayer partner and she said she’d be ours–she had been to Argentina in 2000.  She’s our voice to this body of believers.  So—it was great timing–Thank you God.  We went to the Sunday night service— Pastor Shearer is such a great teacher!!! We drove back to Philly.  Monday we saw people, walked around the neighborhood.  Found out the roof on our house is leaking, so Brian’s going back up tomorrow to fix it.  This is the first time we’ve stayed for an extended period of time since we’ve moved away from there and I have never felt the spiritual oppression before. I could feel this overwhelming sense of Satan’s control on the Kensington neighborhood.   As we talked to people–I could hear his lies spoken from people’s mouths, my problem is…..I don’t know what to say in return.  How do I lovingly  and non-judgmentally have a conversation with someone?  What did I do—remain silent.  I’ve struggled with this for years, I don’t have a problem with teenagers, but I do with other moms or adults.  So—I need to keep praying for God’s discernment—-I struggle with the same thing here, where we live in MD.    Just some thoughts.  It would be great to hear some words of wisdom.

Last night Malachi had his first rehearsal for the Christmas Program at church—he wouldn’t stand up with the other kids.  I hope he does at the next rehearsal!

Elijah has started saying, “what’s that?”  He is still calling Malachi, “Elijah”.  He is talking more, saying new words everyday.  We have a book called, “My Mom is Fantastic,” Malachi was in bed the other night, he sat up and told me, “Momma, you are fannnntastic!”  We started the potty training again yesterday–he went once yesterday, and he went this morning. . . hope it continues.

I’ll add pictures later today!


One thought on “Wednesday November 29, 2006”

  1. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.  That’s great about Myerstown?  Is your prayer partner Sarah Kreider?  I wish I had some great words of wisdom about talking with people, but sadly I don’t.  The biggest thing that I’ve found is that I have to really get to know people.  Once I have more of a relationship with them, then I can be more straightforward about pointing out that they are believing Satan’s lies instead of God’s truth.  But before you have that kind of trust, it’s really hard.  I struggle with that, too.  Looking forward to those pictures.  You ARE fantastic.

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