Monday December 4, 2006

Saturday we decorated the tree and Brian set up a train.  This is a train his grandfather gave him in middle school.  He hasn’t set it up since then, he was soooo excited to set it up around the tree.  The boys absolutely love it.  A couple blocks away there’s a bike shop that has a huge train display.  It has over a mile of tracks with several levels and lots of trains and cars going at once.  It is really awesome.  We’ve been over there several times and I’m sure we’ll go visit a dozen more times before it is taken down—it is free!!  Because of all these trains, they have been extremely keen on trains.

Sunday was really busy.  Kip and Blaine were at our church and there was a missions committee meeting after church, so we went to that and then got in line to talk with them.  So–we were there for several hours.  It was also Jason’s birthday, so I dropped the boys off at Mom and Tony’s right after church for a nap.  It was great to have conversations without interruption back at church for the meetings .  We found out we will probably be going to Costa Rica for language school,  sounds good.  Then we went to Mom and Tony’s for Jason’s party–I was there for an hour and then went back up to church for a practice for the children’s program with Malachi.  He still won’t stand on stage with all the other kids.  I really wanted him to do this–I thought he’d love doing it.  There’s one more practice and Saturday night is the program, so we’ll see.

I had some funny stories of my kids—I totally can’t remember any of them right now, I have the fried momma brain syndrome at the moment.

This is for our Christmas card–it was at the boardwalk.

Watching the train.

Decorating the tree.                                                                     Finished product!!


7 thoughts on “Monday December 4, 2006”

  1. A train around the tree!  That’s way cool.  Nate’s mom used to do that…I think it was Luke’s…maybe she still does…  Anyway, toy trains are very fun.  Steve had some great things to say about the language school in Costa Rica.  It sounds way better than RGBI.  I’m excited for you guys.  We’ll look forward to more funny kid stories some other time!

  2. Tara – great pictures!!!  I just realized that I have never seen you pregnant before; you look great.  The tree is wonderful, and I am so glad they are enjoying the trains.

  3. Costa Rica here we come. But wait! What will I do with all my longs skirts I’ve been collecting??? Those are great pictures! We love the one with the ornament reflection- very cool. And you are so cute! I’ve been wishing for some pregnant pics of you. thanks!!

  4. You added pictures!  I also loved the ornament picture.  And you do look cute pregnant…your hair is so long now!  They look like they are really loving those trains.

  5. Your house looks great–the tree and stockings!!  Costa Rica sounds very fun–is this school a little less conservative?  Hope Malachi decides to sing!

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