Tuesday December 5, 2006

I went shopping this morning with Malachi and Elijah.  They did well–juice and snack bags kept them occupied.
I went to Kohl’s—–this was primarily for some clothes for Brian, because he told me he doesn’t want any clothes for Christmas.  He says, he already needs them and he would already spend money of them, so he’d rather receive something that he gets to enjoy— I like getting clothes.  So—-I got some much needed pants, he still hasn’t tried them on, hopefully they fit. When I got to Kohl’s, I was hoping they’d have the double carts at the front of the store, they didn’t so I went back to the van to get the double wide stroller which can be tricky in department stores.  It was difficult to maneuver, I took the elevator to go to the second floor and there were the double seaters.  I really wish someone would think–if a mom with two kids needs this it should be at the front of the store–not the back!  I went to Target too, found a coat for me.  I really like it, I think it will fit my growing pregnant body and my pre-pregnant body.  I am tired of feeling like a bum, I just want to feel pretty.  Do you have those days?  My mom is taking me shopping this week to pick out some maternity clothes for Christmas.  I am really glad, most of mine are bummy clothes and I don’t feel very pretty.  SO–I’m hoping to find some things that are not just plain long tshirts!  That has been my style for several years and I’m sort of getting sick of it.  I think that’s been my style because it is the cheapest.  I’m also really sick of my hair.  I like the length, but it is soooooo frizzy.  So, maybe if I get it layered some more and a little shorter it well take away some frizz. I think that’s what I always hope and it doesn’t happen.  So, after writing all that, I’m having a “I just want to feel pretty day.”  I think I am 24 weeks pregnant now. I’ve sort of lost track, but I think that is what I’m at.  6 months!!!!!  Wow,  I don’t have much longer, but then I think about how much bigger I still have to get, how it will get more difficult to get out of bed and more difficult to pick things up off the ground and going up and down the steps.  I can’t really carry Malachi much anymore.  The toy room has been a wreck for about a week now, I just don’t have the energy to direct the boys in picking it up and helping them put things away—I should plan that back into our evening ritual tonight.

Here’s some pictures—Brian made this tree with presents under it, he’s very proud of it
It is really, really awesome.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday December 5, 2006”

  1. Awesome pictures.  I’m so glad you are getting some new things.  I can totally relate, as well.  If I am ever pregnant again, new maternity clothes are definitely a priority – I don’t know if I can face them again.  Good luck with the hair.  I’ll pray for your energy – doing stairs and carrying toddlers while pregnant is something I found to be amazingly draining.

  2. Well, can I tell you that you looked great in that picture of you with the Christmas tree! I understand that feeling though. I’m feeling it with my clothes right now. How I would love a new pair of jeans. And more tops that fit. Have fun shopping! Brian- loved the pictures!!

  3. Wow, I can’t imagine being 6 mos. pregnant with 2 boys. I guess it might happen…I read in a Parents magazine today the thing most women want from celebs is their post-pregnancy body. Maybe this doesn’t relate too much, but I was thinking their maid, nanny, cook, maternity wardrobe…well, the personal trainer would be nice. Enjoy your new coat–if you stick with the tshirts, atleast you’ll have something nice to cover them up!

  4. I can totally relate to your issue at Kohl’s with the double stroller!  I’ve had pretty much that very same scenario when I’ve went with our two before.  You were smart to bring the snacks.  Tonight when I went with the girls to Meijer, I forgot a snack. So I bought some mini vanilla wafers, opened the box, and let them feast on them throughout the trip.  It may not have been the healthiest snack but it sure did the trick!  Six months! Wow…. he’ll be here before ya know it!

  5. Wow!  3 under 3!  And all boys- you will certainly have your hands full.  My sister-in-law is due in a few weeks with her 4th boy.  For 2 months she will have 4 under the age of 4 (and all boys!).  Actually, you can be praying for Eric and Katie.  Katie had a miscarriage (at around 14-16 weeks).  They found out the baby would have been a boy.  She had to then have surgery since her body wouldn’t pass the baby.  They are in the process of an open adoption right now.  Please please pray that the mom will stick with her decision to give the baby up for adoption.  She is 16 and goes back and forth at times. If she decides to keep the baby, her mom is going to kick  her out of the house and the baby’s father is in jail (so she wouldn’t have anywhere to go).   But if everything works out, the baby (a little girl) will be born at the end of March. 

  6. Hi! I found you through Carly. Fun to read your shopping story! And I enjoyed seeing the pics of your darling family–have a blessed Christmas with them. The boys will be lots of fun this year, I’m sure.

  7. Yay–new maternity clothes!  Hope you find some that you really like.  Thankfully, when I was pregnant with Elisha, Marcie gave me a bunch of her clothes, so it felt like totally new clothes to me!  The pictures Brian did were awesome, such a great idea!!

  8. great coming across your site 🙂 OUr plan is to stay in the city for at least a few years to attend nursing and grad school–Joel has a real heart for planting house churches in Mexico or central America in an urban area…so we’ll see 🙂 sounds similar to what you guys are doing 🙂

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