Saturday December 9, 2006

We’ve had a really busy few days.  Here’s some pictures of the boys.  Malachi will say to Elijah, Let’s hug, so they hug and then wrestle to the floor.  It’s fun. They love cuddling now and will ask to cuddle with us.  Tonight is the Christmas program.  Malachi stayed on stage for a little bit when Brian was up front with him at the practice on Thursday.  SO, maybe tonight he’ll sing a song or two.   This is been a good oppportunity to meet some people from church–parents with kids the same age.

I had a prenatal  appointment on Wed–I’ve gained 14 lbs altogether.  The glucola is my next appt.

I found some maternity clothes on Friday when I went shopping with my mom.    I’m excited to get to wear something different.

For any of you who knew–I had these two huge warts on my right thumb.  They have disappeared!!  I’m so glad, I do have another one appearing on that same thumb, but I asked about doing something to get rid of them while they are small and I can’t while I’m pregnant.  I’m happy to say goodbye to the two nuisances!!

What kind of Christmas traditions have you started with your kids or will be starting this year?  We are looking for some traditions, I’d love to hear some ideas—anything!!!!

Tara, recognize Elijah’s outfit?—it will hopefully still have some wear for our next one.


4 thoughts on “Saturday December 9, 2006”

  1. Those pictures are GREAT, Tara!  You totally captured some special moments.  As for Christmas traditions – our family is starting something new this year.  We are going to have Christmas eve presents  – one for each member.  And they are going to be new pjs : )  I heard of a family doing this – they have been doing it for years.  Everyone can use new pjs, right? What better time to do it than at Christmas?  Kinda weird but I’m looking forward to it.  And growing up we always had a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve..and my dad would read the Christmas story. We are thinking of doing this with our kids, too.  I love traditions…especially around the holidays. I could bore you with others..but these are some of the newest ones for our family. 

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