Monday December 11, 2006

This is Malachi’s acting debut. He loves doing this with Papa.
Dialogue just in case you can’t understand it.
Goliath:  Who’s going to fight me?
David:  This is the Lord’s battle.

Notice the little brother fake cry in the video!!!!

Yesterday when we got home from church Malachi started the “why” question.  It has been asked many times today, but he doesn’t insist on an answer.  He’ll ask and then return to what he is doing.  I think maybe he picked it up in his class yesterday.  He also picked up some teeth marks on his thumb in his class yesterday!!  He still has little red teeth marks.  Elijah is learning so many words—yesterday after he was finished eating dinner, he asked for a cookie!  I didn’t know he knew the word and I don’t even offer cookies after dinner.  It was great motivation for Malachi to finish his meal to receive one too.  Tonight the boys had Veggie Tale chicken nuggets.  Malachi finished it all just so he could eat Bob, Larry, and Larry boy’s head and eyes and bottom.  That’s what he’d say as he took bites of the nuggets.

Brian and I have started Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish, I really like it.  I hope it helps me get a head start on learning the language.


4 thoughts on “Monday December 11, 2006”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! That is the cutest thing! How funny! Brian is a good dad :)Way to go on the Rosetta Stone. What is wrong with me? I haven’t started it yet- I don’t feel like I’ve had time. But I’ve been watching Rich do it- it seems really good. I’m watching the Neil Anderson videos right now, maybe I’ll start the Rosetta Stone when I’m done.

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