Wednesday December 13, 2006

This morning Brian took the boys shopping to the mall–yes, that’s right, he went shopping.  It was a great break for me.  I totally enjoyed it and needed it.  I think we are going to have to do this more often.  When I first had a child I couldn’t ever imagine needing that kind of time, but now with two toddlers I need that time away.  So–I took an extra long shower and walked to a coffee/bakery shop and got some coffee and a berry scone.   It was delicious.  I then spent extra long time reading God’s word and praying and it was extremely refreshing and encouraging.  Tonight Brian is driving up to Philadelphia till Friday morning, we are having our flat roof re-roofed because it is leaking,.  Our dear friends up there have been looking to buy a house.  They were on a waiting list for these houses that were redone by a non-profit— the awesome thing is they were making two row houses into one.  So our friends were way down on the list–40 or something—and they had all their loan stuff and paperwork ready and  no one else before them had all the paperwork so they are able to get the house!!!!  It is a 4bdr, 2br house(on this particular street the houses were really tiny–one single house had 1 br and 2bdr).  We are sooooo excited for them.  It takes awhile to find a house in a 4 by 8 block radius–they’ve been looking for awhile and didn’t think they’d get one of these.  Yeah for them!!!

Last night we went to a small group to share about Argentina.  It was a very encouraging time, we were really needing some fellowship and it was true fellowship.  It was great to meet four out of the six couples—people we had never met at church before, maybe seen.  They were very intent and interested in what we will be doing and asked great questions.

Here are some pictures from this year.  I wanted to post something and I don’t have any new ones of my kids, so I thought I’d do some of all of our kids.   I am sorry Sarah, but sadly I don’t have any pictures of Theo!  I need to make sure I take some the next time we see you all.




7 thoughts on “Wednesday December 13, 2006”

  1. I’m so glad you got some time for rejuvenation. The pictures are full of some great memories, I’m sure. I love that about them. And I think it’s so funny to look at a pic like the kids at the piano with the sound on mute 🙂 And it’s so good to hear you had an encouraging time with the small group.

  2. cute pictures! Anytime you need time to yourself you call me!! I am happy to baby sit even if you decide to take a long hot shower and just relax in bed while we play downstairs. I had so much fun last Saturday. I mean it call me!! please!!! 🙂

  3. I am so so glad you got some time alone.  Yeah!!  I have a sweet picture of us with all four of our children.  I’ll try to post it if I have some time without the kids and can run to Aaron’s office.

  4. Sorry I am late posting comments, I just now read this update–I can’t believe how much our kids have changed, wow, you see it so much when they are side by side.  I totally can relate to needing the time alone, it is so sweet when it comes–make sure you are taking more times like that for yourself!!  Yea for Jason and Christy–Jon talked to Jason last week and we were praying they’d get the house, I’m so excited for them!! 

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