Tuesday December 19, 2006

Today I finished wrapping the last of the Christmas gifts.  I feel good about this.  I still have baking to do—I’m hoping to do some tomorrow.  My Nana is coming up here for Christmas this year, usually we go down to her place in VA.  It will be so much easier on me and my sanity, I don’t have to keep an eye on my kids at all times when they are in my house.  So Nana will be staying with us, tomorrow will be 6 years since my Pop-pop passed away. I can’t believe it has been that long and lately I’ve been really missing him.  I really wish my kids could have known him.  So we’ll be celebrating Christmas with my dad, Nana, Jason, Erika, and Tic-Tic(my great aunt) on the 23rd, then the 24th we have Christmas at Mom and Tony’s with Ricky and Jamie and their families.  Then Christmas day we’ll do our presents and then Mom and Tony, Jason and Erika will come over–maybe my dad will too, I can’t imagine he’d have anywhere else to go.  Then we will leave either Christmas day or the 26th for Cleveland for several days, we may pick up one of the teens from Philly on our way(really three hours out of our way–but on our trip to Cleveland).  So, we have some really busy days ahead as most of you will too.

ERIKA DO NOT READ THIS PART(I don’t want you to know what you are getting for Christmas!)

So a tradition we are starting this year is to do some kind of talent to share with each other on Christmas day.  So this year, Brian and Malachi will do their David and Goliath skit–Malachi has been learning more lines!  And all four of us will be singing jingle bells—mainly because Brian just learned how to play it on the guitar.  ( Yes, he’s been faithfully learning everyday—mainly notes right now and starting into chords).  We have some bells and a Tambourine to shake while we sing along to the guitar.  (Side story:  Brian sang and played “Love Me Tender” to me the other night, it was very sweet.)  Present ideas for family, this year I made ornaments like mittens(like Jil posted earlier from Libby’s party) with my kids handprints and name and year.  I also bought dish towels and used fabric paint to write their names and year and dipped their hands in the paint and put it on the dishtowel.  Then I heat set them.  The last thing I did was a picture calender from winkflash.  They turned out really cute.  I love that grandparents love those kind of gifts!

This will be our first Christmas we will wake up in our own house—I’m looking forward to our kids opening their gifts.  We are really cheap—or just broke.  But we only bought two presents each for our boys.  A book each and a magna doodle.  They have other presents to open—they are books and puzzles and a play tent that was given to us. Yes, we are giving our kids used things for Christmas.  Really, they won’t know the difference and they will be so excited to get them.

Yesterday it was 70 degrees!!!  We met some friends at the playground and played for several hours.  We also went to the beach and played in the sand.  Crazy weather—it was cold again today.  Because of all that playing, we didn’t do afternoon naps—it was a terrible evening!!!!!  There was A LOT of whining and crying.  I think I’ll make sure we don’t skip naps anymore.

I feel like this has been one long babble—-I should have warned you of my long, long babble!!!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday December 19, 2006”

  1. I enjoyed the babble.  Wonderful present ideas – we are just giving our kids two gifts, also.  Other people will pick up the slack, I am quite sure.  That is wonderful that you are waking up in your own house.  I think that we are, but it is possible that things may change.  I really want to do presents/stockings here before we run off to my parents. Hopefully, my parents will understand and not want us there at some kind of crazy hour.  Those are wonderful traditions.  The one thing we have been doing is leaving all of our Christmas books under our tree, and each night, we sit there and read them with just the lights from the tree.  Audra loves it.  Merry Christmas!

  2. I love the talent tradition idea…and Christa’s Christmas book tradition.  Very cool.  We are only giving Ellie one present this year (plus a few things in her stocking).  But thanks to everyone else, she’s receiving quite a lot.  It should be fun. 

  3. Very great gift ideas, I’ll have to remember those for next year!!   I wasn’t as creative this year with my grandparent gifts (photo mugs and photo bag), but I really love to do the handmade gifts.  yes, I’m still alive, just haven’t made as much time for blogging (our kids just keep passing sickness to each other, I just want to get it all out of our house!)  I’m looking forward to spending Christmas at our house this year too!!

  4. Thanks for the update. It wasn’t rambly- I love hearing what’s going on! Those are really cool ideas for gifts. Christa, I like your Christmas book tradition too. I love looking at christmas lights with all the other lights off.

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