Thursday December 21, 2006

Last night we put the boys to bed, we leave their door open and the hall light on so they can read in bed.  Brian was in our room talking on the phone to Nate.  I was downstairs.  Brian was off the phone by 8:45(the boys were in bed at 8pm).  Brian walks out of the bedroom and Malachi was sitting on the top step of the stairs.  We have star garland wrapped around the banister, he was sitting their picking off the stars.  There was a huge pile of them.  I didn’t even know he was sitting there.  We think he was listening to Brian’s conversation (and found something to do with his hands).  It was funny and weird, something he’s never done before.

I continue my marathon of baking.  I’ve been doing some here and there.  I’m currently making pumpkin bread, I think I’ll make some peanut butter cookies and sugar cookies tonight too. This year I am using the Betty Crocker packaged mix–they taste good, they were cheap, and they are easier than scratch.  Yesterday I put together  “Sand Art Cookie Mix”……I put all the ingredients in a quart size mason jar and then the person who receives it has to add some ingredients.  They were so easy and look great. I also did chocolate covered pretzels, mmmm, one of my favorites!   I’m glad I’m not rushed, because I really enjoy doing these kinds of things.

Another story of Malachi—at nap time we allow him to get out of bed and get books.  Well the other day Brian went up to check on him and Malachi was standing in the window, behind the blinds.  His feet were on the bottom ledge and he was holding onto the middle molding. Anyone driving or walking by probably got a good laugh.  The following day I went out at nap time for an errand and I hear him say Hi Mama, I look up from outside and  he was doing the same thing.  He’s sooooo silly!

Me, Nana, and Jason can’t get a hold of my dad.  I’ve tried all of his numbers, for several days.  It is sort of weird.  So–hopefully we will hear from him soon.  We need to finalize all of our details–and get Nana up here.

Brian bathed the boys and is putting them to bed right now—-usually we do one or the other.  It is a nice break for me!!  He is always singing to them and making funny sounds…..he’s so animated.  I love it, because I am only animated once in awhile.  When I am, the boys are all laughs.  I’m thankful for all Brian’s energy!

Here is something I’ve never seen before.  This potato came in my bag of potatoes and it was huge.  I’ve never seen one so big before—so I thought I ‘d take a picture to show you how big  it was.  I made a cheesy potato  casserole from it–it was really good.

This is one of me and the boys snuggling after a nap.  This is very rare that they will both share me!  I really enjoyed it.

The other night I went to check on the boys in bed, they were sound asleep and both were clutching books.  It was really funny.  I am so very thankful they love books so much.

That book Elijah is holding is a favorite right now.  They always want to hear the story of the good samaratin.
They are obsessed with his ouchies and they like that he needs band-aids. Malachi is very keen on the picture of the person who helped him.  Anyway….

That’s all for now.


5 thoughts on “Thursday December 21, 2006”

  1. Those pictures of them sleeping with books are so sweet.  I’ve been letting Ellie take books to bed lately, too.  It seems to help bedtime.  I’m impressed by all the baking.  Sounds like you guys are going to have a sweet Christmas. 

  2. That is one crazy big potato!  How weird!  I love the pics of the boys cuddling with you, that’s always such a sweet time.  I don’t think boys stop to cuddle as much as girls–at least not that I’ve seen.  Well, unlike you I’ve still got a bit of baking to do…but you’ve inspired me…I might do chocolate covered pretzels too…yummmm!  🙂

  3. Hey Tara!  I got your message but we’ve just been busy.  We are leaving Saturday to go to MD and leaving Wed afternoon so I don’t think we’ll be able to catch you guys.  It sounds like you are having a really busy Christmas anyways.  I love your ideas about the ornaments and the towels.  Can you email me directions on how to do that?  I love Grandparent ideas. I’ve been doing the calendars the past 3 years and they love them.  I love the pics of the boys sleeping with their books.  So sweet!  Nicole

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