Sunday December 31, 2006

I am feeling down.  I really wanted to find someway to have fun tonight with other people, but we couldn’t find anyone from church this morning without plans.  So, Brian and I are hoping to play some games.  Last week we bought a two player game and we also bought Settlers—but I’ve never really been into two player games.  Maybe we’ll figure out how to play Settlers with two players.  I hope I will be up for some fun.  There have been so many times this year when we just really miss people–friends–having fun–hanging out.. . . . we were always around people when we lived in Philly.  Okay, so I seriously need to stop complaining.  I hope you all have a great time tonight!!!

This afternoon Brian and I watched four episodes of Lost—and now I am not motivated to do anything else.  I need to go figure out dinner.

I have this hilarious picture of Brian–I’ll have to post it later.

One thought on “Sunday December 31, 2006”

  1. I’m sorry you are having a sad New Year’s Eve.  We were missing friends pretty badly, too.  I hope you were able to play something and have some fun together.  Just think…soon we’ll be able to spend those holidays together!  I think about that a LOT.  We love you guys. 

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