Thursday April 5, 2007

This is Brian…Tara is doing well, she was amazing!  She is very tired though, hopefully she will be able to get some sleep tonight.  Yea, sorry, that was a misprint…Zeke was 21 3/4″ not 41″ wow…that woulda been freaky.  Here are some of the first

10 thoughts on “Thursday April 5, 2007”

  1. Thank you so much!! We are so happy for you guys. I hope you get a good amount of rest tonight! I think Ezekiel looks like Malachi from the nose up and Elijah from the nose down. He’s a cutie. Tara- you’re amazing. And beautiful.

  2. He is precious–thanks so much for the pictures, they are great!!  I love the one of the three brothers.  We’re so happy for you all and glad everyone is doing well:)

  3. He looks like he belongs. I like the picture of ?Brian holding him and you see how little he is in someone hands. I hope the nursing goes well. So glad to hear you are all doing well.

  4. You have yourselves some handsome prophets. We’re very excited for you guys and hope you can catch up on some sleep. How does it work to sleep when the baby does with 2 others? You’ll have to fill us in 🙂 You look great, Tara. Thanks for posting pics, Brian, of the sweet new addition.

  5. Those pictures make me smile.  New life….wow.  Isn’t God amazing?  Ekekiel is such a little cutie! I love those ones with his eyes open…especially the last one.  I am praying the transition is smooth and that your older two can adjust quickly to having their new little brother around.  I am also praying for your recovery.  We are so happy for you guys! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!

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