Saturday April 7, 2007

Grace Grads, Brian just got an email that Christy Seimon Breedlove died this week while giving birth to her first child(a son).  She married Mike Breedlove, he graduated a year before us.  Brian heard from a Dayton Christian classmate, he went to school with her there too.  Did any of you hear anything?

9 thoughts on “Saturday April 7, 2007”

  1. Marcie found a website that says she had the baby, Colin, in November of 2006. We don’t know anything, so she must not have been giving birth! Tara—wasn’t Sheila Horst really good friends with her. Do you think you could find something out?

  2. Wow, I just read your update and I’m going to call Sheila right now to see if she knows anything.  She was Sheila’s roomate for all four years–I’ll let you know if I find anything out.

  3. I talked to Sheila and Christy had a bowel rupture after she had her son in November.  She had surgery for it a few weeks ago and everything was looking good and she was healing well, but had another unexpected rupture, which also involved her aorta.  She passed away last Thursday morning and the funeral is Wednesday morning.  Sheila is able to go to the funeral.  Keep praying for them, Sheila said her husband Mike is really taking it hard. 

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