Saturday April 7, 2007

Right now Brian, Malachi and Elijah are outside playing in the inch of melting snow!  Crazy stuff.

The only way Ezekiel came out was by coaxing him out.  I had my doctor’s appointment Wednesday, she stretched me and stripped membranes again….I was 4 cm.  This is the only appointment  Brian’s been able to be a part of, I’m glad it was this one.  On the way home I started having contractions.  We went for a walk to get mail and get coffee and a scone and I kept having them.  I stayed on my feet around the house to keep them going.  We started to keep track of them and called Erika, she was on her way home from work.  God has such perfect timing, she came right over and stayed overnight with the boys and took care of them on Thursday.  Thanks Erika!  You are the best sister in law!  We got to the hospital at 7:30ish or so.  Mom, Tony and my dad met us there.  Around 8 I was checked by my doctor who conveniently had several other patients there that night.  I was 4 1/2 cm—what?  I thought I’d be more, I think I knew it was going to be a long night.  She stretched me and stripped me again.  She said I could walk, so for the next two hours I walked around the birthing center.  My doctor told me at 9 that she was keeping me there—I was extremely thankful– and after the c section she was about to do she’d break my water.  So, at 10pm she broke my water, I was only 5cm then.  She said I could walk some more if I wanted to—I loved how laid back she was!!!  I decided not to, I didn’t want to leave a trail!  Stronger contractions started and after two hours the nurse checked me at midnight, I was still 5cm!!!  Ugh, I decided I’d get an epidural because this wasn’t going to be a short labor.  So, I had to have a full bag of fluid first, the IV began and I think around 1 am I got the epidural………instant relief.  This was a great epidural, very different from the one I had with Malachi.  I couldn’t move at all and was completely numb with his.  This epidural, I could move my legs and sometimes felt some of the pressure from the stronger contractions, but it didn’t hurt.  I loved that I was able to lay on my back and feel completely comfortable–I love laying on my back and I haven’t enjoyed it for awhile.  So, I rested.  Around 2:30ish I was checked again and had progressed to between 7 to 8 cm.  I continued to rest—-sort of napping, Brian then took a nap.  Around 4am I started feeling a little pressure that felt like I could bear down and push.  The nurse came in and hung up a bag next to my fluids bag, she said it was pitocin,—–oh.  I told her what I was feeling, I asked about how the contractions were going and she said they were slowing down, about 6 minutes a part.  She checked me and I was 10 cm—no cervix.  Yippee!  They were all surprised because my contractions had never been consistent—weird!  So I did a few practice pushes with the nurse, my first push was really funny.  I totally soaked the nurse–poor lady—with pee.  I continued to pee through several more pushes and we all kept laughing.  It was very humorous!  I loved that I could feel with this epidural—it took several pushes to get the hang of it.  I stopped pushing for 15 minutes because they saw his head, Dr. Estes came in and they got things ready and I started pushing some more.  One nurse had one leg, Brian the other and my mom had my head.  I had a lot of pressure, his head just wouldn’t come out, so she asked me about doing an episiotimy–I told her I had it with the other two and to go ahead  and do one.  She asked me!!!!!  I really liked her as a doctor.  Ezekiel started coming and Brian grabbed his shoulders to help pull him out.  Dr and Brian put him right on my belly, skin to skin.  I loved this, I didn’t do that with the other two.  It was such a warm and wonderful feeling!  He came at 4:43am—with his swollen lips, swollen nose, swollen and flattened ears—he looked so squeezed!  Before the nurse weighed him she guessed he’d weigh 9lbs 2oz on her arm, she weighed him on the scale and he was exactly what she guessed–very funny.  I had a 9pounder—woah!  Because he was over 9 lbs they had to stick his heel three separate times to check his glucose levels for diabetes, he was all clear.
I took a shower after delivering—it was right in the delivery room and Zeke got a bath right there too.  Then got moved to our room.  Brian left to get the boys and Erika.  They were so excited and so sweet.  Elijah still calls Malachi, “Elijah”—but he’s been saying Ezekiel just fine, silly boy.  They had a great visit,  and left.  Brian took a nap at home, I got a complimentary massage—that was awesome.  I got some napping in too.  My friend Janelle came to visit.  Brian came back for dinner because they do a gourmet stork dinner for mom and dad—cool, huh?  It was tasty.  So everything went ok Thursday night and Friday morning and we were released to go home.  I’m thankful we didn’t have to stay till today.  This experience at this hospital was really great, great extras and a lot of freedom and flexibility.  We loved it.

Malachi Brian     4/12/04      7lbs 14.4oz    20 inches long      head:  14 1/2        10 days early   11 hours of labor
Elijah David        6/17/05       8lbs 13.8oz    21 inches long    head:  13 3/4   7 days late      5 1/2 hours of labor
Ezekiel Michael   4/5/07         9lbs  2oz       21 3/4 in long      head: 14 1/4      3 days late     12-13 hours of labor

The labor with Elijah was definitely the easiest and the shortest time of  recuperating.  I wasn’t really sore at all with him.  I was really sore with Chi–especially the pis.  My labor with Zeke–my body is really sore, my tail bone hurts and my back and legs and arms hurt from pushing—I must be out of shape!  I now know I can’t expect a short labor with the next one!

All three boys are napping, I think I may close my eyes for a bit!


9 thoughts on “Saturday April 7, 2007”

  1. What a great story. Zeke’s story. I loved it. You had such a great doctor! I loved your comparisons- that was cool to look at. I cannot believe the amount of energy you have! You’re amazing! You took a shower right after delivery?! Wow. I hope recovery is quick for you!

  2. thanks for typing out the story. I also thought your chart of comparison was interesting. They seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I hope you have lots of help this next week. You are amazing Tara. (Isn’t it crazy how different all your labors have been?)

  3. Wow!  Amazing story.  And all three boys napping while you typed it out–that’s huge!  🙂  I hope that happens often for you!  Your doctor sounds great.  I’m so glad your epidural was good this time–I’ve heard so many horror stories.  I love how God worked out the timing so well with Erika being able to take the boys right after she got off work.  What a blessing.  I’ll be praying that little Zeke gets on a good feeding/sleeping schedule for you so that you can get some rest and enjoy all your boys!  🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the story.  I’m so glad you had such a great hospital experience and doctor.  That is really wonderful.  I hope you feel better, soon.  I was really sore all over after Campbell, too – Kelly told me to take pain meds really regularily – I stayed on a really strict schedule for about a week and a half, and it really, really helped.  It really helped to be able to deal with Audra and not be so uncomfortable.   Anyway – it sound slike you are doing great.  We’re so happy for you. 

  5. Scary…they just keep getting bigger!   Thanks for sharing the story.  It sounds like a great hospital and doctor.  Complimentary massage?!  Awesome.  You are amazing…that had to be so hard and you made it sound like no big deal.  Hope you can get some rest…

  6. Great story! It sounds like such a wonderful experience…the epidural that allowed you to feel things, massage, gourmet dinner. Wow! I can’t believe you just delivered two days ago and already mentioned “the next one.” What a woman! 🙂

  7. Wow, Tara!!! This is SO amazing! I loved reading every sentence! And having Zeke put up on your belly skin to skin. I can’t imagine how wonderfully amazing that felt. I’ll have to remember that one. Congratulations again! I can’t wait to read about this little guy growing up!

  8. That was so fun to read–I’m so glad it was such a good experience:)     Your doctor sounded great–my experience was so different with Elisha too at Goshen, they’re lots more laid back here–I love that!!  The shower in the delivery room sounds great:)  And, so did the meal too.  So glad you are all doing so well:)

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