Sunday April 8, 2007

I haven’t felt like it is Easter.  Zeke and I stayed home from church today and this last week we weren’t able to participate any of the three fold communion or Good Friday stuff.  So, it has been a weird day.  We went over to Mom and Tony’s for lunch, it was very low key.  I’m sort of sad about missing out on remembering Christ is risen, I know I can do this on my own, but there really is something special to getting together with other believers to celebrate this.  Enough about that.

Zeke is doing really well.  He’s eating great, nursing is going really well.  I’m sore, but doing good.  My milk started coming in before I left the hospital—very surprising.  That was about 36 hours after I delivered him.  I’m having the tiredness, but Brian’s been extremely helpful.  He’s doing a lot to take care of the older two.  I’m thankful he’s able to be around, I have know idea how I could do it without him.

The Gorniks

Malachi and Elijah are really enjoying their little brother.   Malachi says, ” I have two brothers,” and he shows you with his two fingers.  Whenever Ezekiel cries, Elijah goes up to him and says, “what’s wrong, Ezekiel, what’s wrong?”  They love holding him too.

Here’s some comparisons.

Pregnant with Malachi. I had him about 12 hours later.                                       Malachi

Pregnant with Elijah, I had him about 10 days later.                                  Elijah

Pregnant with Ezekiel.  I had him about 12 hours later.                Ezekiel

My belly looks the biggest with Ezekiel!!!!!!  It is so fun to compare all three boys’ baby pictures and look at Brian’s and mine too.  Such precious boys.   We are so blessed.


9 thoughts on “Sunday April 8, 2007”

  1. wow! I can’t believe you are posting. You are amazing! That is so neat you have pictures of all three boys in the same boppy. You are so blessed that your milk came in so fast. I am praying for you. love you and like you

  2. Tara, you are some kind of super hero…I can’t believe you are able to comment, post, and go out to visit family for lunch. Amazing.Great pictures, I love the comparisons. I have to tell you though that your experience with the babies just getting bigger and bigger is kind of making me nervous 😉

  3. Those are such sweet pictures of all the boys. I love the comparisons. It looks like your babies keep getting bigger and more bald 🙂 Sorry your Easter wasn’t as special as it usually is. I agree- I cannot believe what you are able to do already!

  4. You look amazing, Tara! Totally not like you JUST had a baby. I’m sorry that the tiredness is starting to set in. It’s so wonderful that Brian is able to be there. I love the belly/baby picture comparisons. Malachi had a lot of dark hair! Keep getting some rest!

  5. These pictures are fantastic! What a great idea. You really are amazing and like I said proably the strongest woman I know. Strong physically and emotionally. I am so thankful and blessed to have a sister-in-law like you!
    Welcome Home Mama!!

  6. I am also amazed.  That’s wonderful about nursing going well.  I hope the soreness lets up.  I love the pictures – how organized and thoughtful of you.  I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday.

  7. I loved seeing the pictures–you totally are doing so awesome–you are amazing!!   I’m so glad nursing is going well too–yay for quick milk!!  I’ll be praying you keep getting sleep!!

  8. What a great family picture!  And the boys are so cute all together.  I’m glad the nursing is going to well and that you have Brian there to help.  You do look amazing, and I’m so glad you get to post…cuz it means we get to share things!

  9. Your documentation of everything is amazing and so fun to read.  Your really good and remembering everything and keeping it all organized ecspecially since you’ve moved so many times in the midst of having the boys.  Seems to be that Zeke and Elijah look the most alike?  I’m glad your doing so well.

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