Wednesday April 11, 2007

It is 10pm and I have a quiet house.  Brian is out playing darts and I have some time to tell you all about my day.  It was rather different than most.  Brian was gone for a lot of the day. I had all three boys to take care of by myself for the first time.  Elijah ended up throwing up and having diarrhea. Brian dropped back by to take Malachi with him to pick up Brian’s bike from being repaired.  Elijah decided at 10am that he needed a nap after throwing up, so he went to bed and slept until after 1pm.  Because I had put Elijah in his own bed for this unusual morning nap, Malachi couldn’t go to his bed for his nap.  I separate them for naps, Malachi is always in his own bed and Elijah sleeps in a pack n play in Zeke’s room.  SO—Malachi stayed on our bed for awhile for a quiet time, then he was transferred to his bed since Elijah woke up.  Well, Malachi could hear Elijah playing and never fell asleep.  Brian left at 1:30 for another appt, we were counting on Chi and Elijah napping.  It just didn’t happen the way we thought it would. I aloud Chi to come back downstairs at 2:30—so much for mommy downtime.  I thought Zeke would be the wild card for the day—oh no, he was fabulous, great feedings and great naps.  Before dinner time Malachi fell asleep on the couch sitting next to Brian, he also left a wet surprise when we woke him up—I don’t think we’ll let him nap like that again.  Brian has darts on Wednesday nights, he left a little before 7pm, and I successfully put all three boys to bed.  It really does feel great to have a quiet house, did I already say that???

Yesterday we took Zeke to the doctor, he had lost 1/2 lb before leaving the hospital, so she wanted to see him on Tuesday.  He had gained it all back, plus 2 oz, so as of yesterday he was 9lbs 4oz.  She was totally surprised…..I forgot to mention to her that my milk came in super early.  We go back next week, I’ll have to tell her then.  Did I ever tell you that our pediatrician and my ob/gyn go to our church?  It’s sort of neat, I like seeing them outside of a doctor’s office and getting to know to them.

Here’s some pictures:

Beautiful baby boy!

He loves holding his little brother.

Malachi sleeping after no nap in bed.                                      Elijah refused to wear clothes today.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday April 11, 2007”

  1. Wow- all boys by yourself already.  I hope you get some good rest tonight 🙂  Zeke is so cute.  I love his arm raised up.  Elijah with no clothes on is so funny.  Rich is trying to teach Emerson to say Chi and Lijah. 🙂

  2. Sounds like one of the crazy days…and tiring.  I’m glad you at least got them all down at night for a bit.  Zeke is absolutely precious.  Talk about looking like his brothers.  What a good-looking bunch of boys.  I love Elijah’s no clothes kick.  Ellie gets that way sometimes.  Hope you got some rest last night.

  3. Wow – amazing – the first time I was alone with just the two, I was terrified.  What a sweet little baby.  I hope that Zeke stayed down for a while for you, and the quiet-house feeling lasted for a little while.  Wet surprises….hmmmm….

  4. Oh no—it wasn’t 7… was 10pm. Chi and Elijah were in bed by 8:30 and Zeke was down by 10pm. I don’t think 7 would ever work in our household.

  5. You did awesome for the first day by yourself with all three, especially with everything else going on!!   I remember feeling a real sense of accomplishment when I could get all three down by myself in the beginning and just a HUGE feeling of relief:)   Those pictures are precious–I love the one of Zeke with his arm in the air.  By the way, Katiera came over today for a few hrs, Audrey (she leaves for Italy this week) was supposed to come with her, but got stuck in MI b/c of bad weather, it was fun to see them.

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