Thursday April 12, 2007

Today is Malachi’s third birthday.  This morning Brian and I started singing in the hallway before we opened his bedroom door, he was so thrilled.  He loved that we sang “Happy Birthday” to him.  He is also very proud to show his three fingers and say he is three.  I’ll share his birth story:

April 11th three years ago was Easter Sunday, we lived in Philly.  We had a celebration service with the body of believers there and that evening had dinner over at our house with our teammates who were still in town.   We had just moved into our house 6 days before.  At my doctor’s appt that week I was 3 cm dilated and she stripped my membranes.  I was due April 22nd.  I wasn’t expecting this little guy for awhile still and was still planning on finishing some other things in the house.  We were big Alias fans, it was on at 10pm on Sunday night. I started having a few contractions during the episode, as soon as it was over we began timing the contractions.  I can’t really even remember when we went to the hospital, but is was the wee hours of the morning.  Tara R. was an ob nurse at the hospital—she had worked the previous night, and went to the Easter service and I think she slept a few hours before we all had dinner.  Needless to say, she came in on little to no sleep, what a great friend.  It was so awesome, she had the liberty to get me things I needed, like something to suck on or throw up in. All I can remember was wanting an epidural and it took forever for my blood work to be done before I had it because it was Easter weekend and a lot of people were gone.  I progressed steadily and I think at like 6 am I got the epidural, they broke my water sometime after 7am and sometime after 8am I started pushing.  The epidural I had was one that made you completely numb and I couldn’t move my legs. (The one I had with Zeke was called a walking epidural, I could have gotten up and gone to the bathroom, too bad for that one nurse that she didn’t have me do that before I started pushing.)  I had know idea what I was doing when I was pushing because I had completely no feeling.  I ended up pushing for almost 2 hours.  I had Malachi at 9:55am.  The way the doctors worked was on call, so we were there for two shifts and talked to two different doctors about Brian helping to deliver the baby, the first said yes and they had a plan, he left.  The second said no, you can cut the cord.  I forget what happened with him—someone delivered in the bathroom at the doctor’s office next door, I think maybe he left for that.  So, a resident delivered Malachi.  A nurse rushed in at the last few pushes and SHE cut the cord!!!  We were so mad and sad.  Anyway—our little Malachi was very goopy, and covered in vernix, and he had a head full of hair.  He came out with his hand on his face (Tara told me that) and he was peeing.  I was so tired and sore, I mean really sore.  It hurt for weeks to sit because of pushing so long and I had an episiotomy and wow, did it hurt.  I didn’t hurt like that at all with the other two—maybe it is just a first delivery thing and your body adjusts.
We were so very thankful to have this precious little guy in our arms.  Mom and Tony and Joe were all there to meet the little guy.  My dad came up later that day and Ada flew out the next day.  He had many visitors in the hospital.

April 12, 2004                                                                                     Malachi Brian

April 12, 2005
Happy 1st Birthday!

April 12, 2006
Happy 2nd Birthday!  I just realized I don’t have any cake pictures.  We videoed and my mom took pictures, I need to get pictures from her.  Malachi smeared cake all over Brian’s face, it was really cute.
This is peanut butter he smeared all over himself.                  Party time!

April 12, 2007
The party is this Saturday.
This was some fun he was having today.                                Lining up cars is a favorite activity.


6 thoughts on “Thursday April 12, 2007”

  1. Wow..that’s so cool hearing his birth story.  And I love the pictures through the years.  He is one of those kids who looked as a baby just like what he looks like now.  That’s rare.  And cute.  I can’t believe how grown up he looks in the pictures from today.  Happy Birthday, Chi!

  2. Happy Birthday Malachi!!!  Wow, I can’t believe he’s three!!   I was totally remembering all week and then forgot yesterday that today was his birthday, because I wanted to post some pictures with a birthday wish–I’ll go do that now:)  Hope you guys have a great time celebrating, can’t wait to see pictures.  It was so fun reading his birth story and remembering that special time…it will be something I always remember, it was so awesome to be there!! 

  3. 1) I’m glad Brian doesn’t have that thing on his chin anymore.  2) Thanks for sharing your story.  It’s been fn to read everyone’s stories as their kid’s birthday’s come around.  You’re an amazing mom.  Brian’s an amazing dad.
    Chi- Happy Birthday!!  We love you and hope you had a wonderful day!! 

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