Sunday April 15, 2007

This was a weekend full of time with family.  It went by really fast, but was really enjoyable.  Joe and Ada flew in on Friday and they’ve always wanted to see the cherry blossoms in DC.  Saturday morning, they all went into DC and Zeke and I stayed home.  I wasn’t up for all the walking that possibly could have been done.  When they got their they found out the cherry blossoms had peaked a week and half ago when it was really warm—so all the blossoms were gone!  They’ll have to come back another time.  While Joe and Ada stayed here they stayed in Malachi and Elijah’s room.  The boys stayed in Zeke’s room. Elijah slept in a pack-n-play and Chi slept on the floor in the tent.  It was such a cute set up and he did really well in it.  I didn’t take any pictures–wish I would have.  Friday night Malachi woke up crying, Brian went in to check on him and he was saying “turn it down, turn it down!!!!”  He was referring to the loud snoring he heard coming from Grandpa in the room next door.

Saturday we had his birthday party.  We ordered Baja Fresh Burritos and Fajitas.  This was the first we’d had the fajitas, they were really good.  It was great not to cook, I still haven’t made any dinner since I’ve had Zeke.  I wasn’t up to cooking for 12 people.  I did make a race track cake.  Malachi’s been into race cars since watching “Cars”. We played pin the license plate on Lightning McQueen, it was a fun time.  We videoed all our family trying to find the poster and Malachi and Elijah pointing out where to put it–good memories.  We went to church this morning and lots of people saw Zeke–we got lots of congratulations.  That was much better attention than hearing,  “baby still hasn’t come yet?”  We went to Jason and Erika’s for lunch, it was sooo delicious.  Their place is looking good.  I’m excited for them to paint and decorate.  I’m glad I got to do that at least once in my life in our house in Philly. My Nana also came up and stayed with them for the weekend.  She got to see her third great- grandchild–I love that my kids get to know their GG.  It is very special.

Reading with Grandma and Grandpa.                                        GG and Zeke.

Race track birthday cake.                                                         Pin the license plate to Lightning McQueen.

Uncle Jason—where’s the poster?                                          Mama and Zeke.

I have more pictures, but they aren’t uploading right now.  I’ll try again tomorrow and add them on.


6 thoughts on “Sunday April 15, 2007”

  1. That looks like a very fun birthday.  I love the cake…good work!  It seems like Elijah really likes being naked these days…that picture of all of them with Grandma and Grandpa is cute. 

  2. Great cake; I am very impressed.  That picture of you and Zeke is really great – you look wonderful.  I’m glad his birthday was fun; I love the image of his sleeping in the tent. 

  3. Wow–what a full weekend!  Sounds like a lot of fun.  The cake is great–Jon LOVES cars, so if he’s still obsessed with them, I might have to try something like that for his birthday in August.  You look really good! 

  4. Your weekend sounded really great!  That is so funny that Malachi woke up b/c of Joe’s snoring:)  Our kids call Jon’s grandma GG too.  You did an awesome job on the cake–it really looked good and pinning the license plate looked really fun too.  You look great in the picture of you and Zeke together. 

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