Monday April 16, 2007

Malachi let Elijah help him blow out candles.(up above)

The anticipation of blowing out the candles.

Malachi let Elijah help him open presents.

Zeke—his left eye crosses sometimes–this is one of those times.

Malachi sharing his new race track with Elijah.

Check out efallin’s sight for more fun pictures.


6 thoughts on “Monday April 16, 2007”

  1. Great pictures!  Malachi is a good big brother to let Elijah in on all the fun.  This time I was struck by how much older Elijah is looking now.  Zeke is precious.  I can’t wait to meet him.

  2. Tara, that cake is amazing. Great job and also great job not cooking for his birthday. Deciding when to cook and when to order-in is hard for me. Your big boys looked like they had so much fun together at the party.

  3. That race track is awesome–I think we’ll have to invest in one of those some day.   The picture of Zeke is adorable too–he is precious!  I saw your carseat in the background and was remembering when you first had it with Malachi–it’s both amazing and good how much use they get from child to child.  I’m so glad we don’t have to get a new one with each baby!

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