Sunday April 22, 2007

We’ve been having some absolutely fabulous weather.  Saturday we spent a few hours at a park.  The boys played on the playground, we brought balls and cars.  They kicked the balls around and played cars in the dirt.  We laid a sheet on the ground and ate lunch.  It was sooooo relaxing.  I read a magazine and listened to music–Zeke slept in the stroller.  There were tons of people there…..lots of little league games.  We got so many comments by people walking by—we figured most of them were too busy to sit down and enjoy the weather like we were.   We got some great photos of the boys.

Friday, Zeke had his 2 week check up and he weighed 10 lbs 10 oz.  I was holding him in church this morning and my arms were tired from holding him.  I had to prop him up my arm with my crossed legs.  I am such a weakling! The last two nights he’s been a little restless at night with gas, I’m still trying to figure out what not to eat.  That is the one part of nursing I hate–it is so difficult to figure out what is upsetting his little tummy.

I’m sorry many of these are vertical pictures that you’ll be viewing horizontally.

Elijah wasn’t fond of these green beans at dinner and was making the funniest faces while eating them.  He continued to put them in his mouth and still made faces. He usually likes green beans.

At the park on Saturday………

Elijah’s pants had a dirty bottom—very cute.

The boy’s playing together……

It often turns into this……..

Elijah playing soccer with Papa…….he had such a blast.

This is my favorite outfit on Zeke—I love the little teddy bears.  I’ve had a favorite outfit for all of my kids at this age, and it is so funny how I’ve liked different things on each of them.


7 thoughts on “Sunday April 22, 2007”

  1. Those cheeks are getting so kissably chubby.  So cute.  I’m so glad you guys got out like that – and you were able to read!!!  What a wonderful day.

  2. Yay for the park!  It looked like such a fun day.  The pictures of the boys playing with the cars were so cute.   And Zeke–he is just adorable and growing fast!

  3. Day at the park sounds amazing.  It looks like a really cool park.  I’m so glad you got to relax some.  And I’m sure all those people were stopping to admire your boys.  They are so adorable.  All of them.   They look like they’re having a blast…most of the time.  The one with Elijah crying is pretty funny. 

  4. I don’t know why my computer won’t show any of the pictures, but I imagine they’re very cute. Sounds like a super relaxing day–I too love those times of taking a break and enjoying the sunshine. I’ll have to say I’m scared to death of making the jump to 3, but it sounds like it hasn’t changed much for you guys? Is this true?

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