Sunday April 29, 2007

Last night Ezekiel slept 5 straight hours…..6 hours from feeding to feeding.  What was I doing?  I was up till 1:30 playing Cities and Knights with Jason, Erika, and Brian.  The whole game I couldn’t believe he was still sleeping, and I kept thinking I should be in bed enjoying this long stretch.  My time was well spent, I ended up winning the game by placing a settlement on the desert……..mmmm.

Our little future church planter said last week, “I want to read my Bible with Ben and Gavin at Ben’s house.” 

Brian and I watched “Super Size Me” on Friday, I don’t think we’ll be eating fast food for a long time….I wish I could say forever, but I have a feeling that won’t stick. 

I had some more funny things to tell about he boys…….I have cotton baby brain right now.  Maybe tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Sunday April 29, 2007”

  1. Oh wow. Maybe you’ll have a repeat of that tonight. I think the first time Emerson slept like that I did something similar. Super Size Me is gross. Yuck. I had that same feeling- but sure enough, I’ve eaten lots of fast food since then. I hope you get lots of sleep tonight!!

  2. I’m glad you could at least beat everyone at Settlers to celebrate the long sleep…it’s the next best thing to sleeping during that time!  Hope he keeps it up…and that you get some good sleep to go with it. 

  3. I hope Zeke slept that long or longer again last night!  That’s wonderful!  We’ve seen supersize me before too–but I still like my fast food:)

  4. I also did something crazy the first time Campbell did anything like that.  Why do we always do that?  Go Zeke, go.  What a sweet thing for Malachi to say. 

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