Monday April 30, 2007

That’s what Malachi said today as we watched the tree across the street lose it’s petals to the wind.  We had a short weather lesson……I don’t think it stuck.

My excitement from the sleeping from the previous night was all too quickly squashed last night.  I anticipated some great sleep.  I laid down in bed at 10:40 and Zeke woke up after a few minutes of my nestling in.  As I was feeding him, Elijah woke up.  He’s had a runny nose and runny eyes since Sunday, he was absolutely miserable.  After I nursed Zeke, I held Elijah and put him back down.  He soon cried again and Brian rocked him for awhile.  We both laid down to sleep….it was like 11:30.  Brian quickly fell asleep.  Elijah woke up again, I gave him some saline nasal drops and rocked him.  I laid him down again, I nestled in praying for some sleep….Malachi woke up and woke Elijah up, they were both crying.(That hasn’t happened for like a year and a half)  I went in to comfort them both, I was praying more and more.  I laid down with Chi for a little bit—he wanted to lay in our bed, there’s no way that could happen with Zeke in the cradle next to my bed.  I left and they both began to cry again, I woke up Brian, it was like 12:30.  He comforted Elijah and I laid down with Chi.  They both settled down and B and I laid down…..sometime after 1am Elijah woke up again, I tried Vick’s Vapor Rub on his chest and rocked him.  Zeke woke up at 1:45 or so……..I was sooooooo exhausted and just wanted to sleep.  I know all of you know that feeling, I also wanted to cry.  I kept thinking I have to take care of all three tomorrow, how will I ever survive, or rather how will my kids survive me?  I woke up very bitter this morning.  Somehow during my shower—which is so very important to my day—-God convinced my this could be done.
I still didn’t get a nap, but I got to get out of the house during naptime with just one child.  I went to the grocery store, it is amazing how getting out of the house to get groceries provided sanity and peace to my day.  Zeke was pretty wonderfully quiet…almost forgot he was there, but was reminded by a handful of infant admirers.  Now….. tonight………..all three are in bed, I’m tempted to hop in right now.  Instead I’m glad to sit on the couch with my husband and watch 24.  Elijah has Tylenol for his fever and Dimetapp in his system, plus Vick’s on his chest, I’m hoping for no waking up, but all the medicine is ready to be given if he does.

I’m sorry if you lasted through all my complaining. It’s funny,  it somehow feels like I’m not complaining by writing it down and not verbalizing it to anyone.

Good night!


8 thoughts on “Monday April 30, 2007”

  1. I don’t think that’s complaining. It sounds so tiring. I remember so many sleepless nights with Em. I can’t imagine how it would be with 2 others needing you too. I really think you are an amazing mom. I hope Lijah feels better tonight. That’s what we call him around here 🙂 I’m praying for all of you. Enjoy your relaxing time on the couch.

  2. I don’t think it’s complaining either. I understand too the thought in the middle of the night that you have to take care of them all the next day too is overwhelming. They don’t go away. There isn’t time off. Crap it’s hard. I will pray that the medicine helps and you get another large chunk of sleep.

  3. I am sorry you had such a tough night. I agree that it didn’t sound like complaining and I am glad that you were able to talk about it a little bit here.

  4. I hope you got much better sleep last night–those nights are so hard!!  I can totally relate to the mad/crying/overwhelming feeling in the middle of the night.  I’m glad you got to go out grocery shopping with just one–it really helps my peace of mind to do that too:)  I’m praying for sleep.

  5. I actually thought you were being quite positive, considering that it sounds like an exhausting night.  I really hope you got more rest last night.  Praying that Elijah feels better soon.  Hang in there.

  6. Oh man. That sounded like quite a nice. I hope they are far and few between. I hope your boys feel better soon. Thanks so much for keeping up with this xanga. We love hearing from you!

  7. I agree with Deb; I really thought you were being positive.  That feeling in the middle of the night, when you start to worry aobut the next day, is really awful.  I hope it was a great day today.

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