This next week will be successful if I survive it.  I’m driving Brian up to Philly tomorrow, he’ll be gone for a whole week.  He’s the professor for a youth ministries module class…….which is great, some extra money to pay the bills.  I’m really feeling nervous about it all.  He’s been very busy this week preparing, so I’ve been taking care of the kids for the most part, all by myself.  Malachi has been very testy.  After several spankings today(it is amazing how it works every time—-repentance and change of attitude instantly), at dinner time he required another spanking and he walked with me, no complaining and seemed pleased I was spanking him…..why……because I was consistent all day.  He did something that I said I would spank him for if he did it again at a meal, which was spilling his milk all over the table and plate.  This has been a behavior he keeps repeating.  The previous spankings required me forcing him to the spanking spot, he walked nonchalantly and seemed glad I was following through…..very weird.  I really felt good about it, I’m trying really had to be consistent.  My boys had stopped listening to me.  I had stopped being consistent when I was pregnant and Brian took over a lot more in the disciplining department….even when they disobeyed me and I should have been taking care of it.  SO…they have learned not to listen to me as well.  Parenting is such a difficult task, but it brought me great joy today to see my consistency pay off.

We’ve been able to take walks everyday this week and today we took two walks.  Brian was at the church until, well, he just got home.  When he worked at Crane Services I would often take two walks a day.  It proves to bring some peace and sanity except for a few squabbles over feet or elbows crossing the invisible line…..nothing like all out wrestling  over a toy that would happen if we were at home.  I’ve also had some more self-realization, I like those walks because I am in control…..control of the stroller…..with the kids strapped in.  At home, it can be so chaotic….loud….toys everywhere.  I can get really flustered because of this and I have this need to have them clean up some of the mess.   Growing up in my house of chaos,  I coped by organizing or cleaning up.  It was a way for me to have control.  I also really struggled with this in my classroom as a teacher, those are so chaotic!  I would get so angry and want some kind of control, I’d want some quiet and clean desks and floors.  This week I realized I’m doing it with my kids now…….I’m seriously having a year of self-realization!!!!  What do I do to change this—how should I cope with chaos?

Things that are making me happy…..mangoes and blackberries.  My grocery trip this week was a great trip of buying healthier food……..I’m trying to cut back on the refined sugar.  I got lots of fruit to snack on.  I also got these vegetable chips from Flat Earth….very yummy, the boys like them too.  They never seem to get enough veggies. 

The last two nights have been much better nights of sleep, Zeke did another 6 hour stretch Mon night, last night he didn’t…..but that was okay.  The other two didn’t wake up at all the last two nights.  Malachi is now runny nosed and coughing.  Elijah is still running, but he seems to be getting better. 

I haven’t used the camera in a few days.  Stay tuned, pictures coming by the end of the week!


5 thoughts on “Consistency!!!!”

  1. I’m telling you Tara, you seriously are superwoman. I can barely make it through a whole day by myself- with ONE baby. I don’t know how you do it. I can totally relate to the control/chaos stuff. But you know that. In the past few years, I’ve become more relaxed about things, but I’m not really sure what happened. I’ve had the veggie chips. Emerson loves them too. I hope everyone is better soon and you guys have a really good week!

  2. That’s so cool that you can visibly see Malachi responding to your consistency.  It’s so hard somedays to be consistent, even though I know it is worthwhile.  I can’t imagine doing it with 3 boys!  Way to go!  🙂

  3. Good work on the consistency.  You are right, being a mom is hard stuff.  But you are doing amazingly.  I will be praying so much for you during this week without Brian.  I can´t even imagine that with three.  Actually, I can´t even imagine three.  I think we´re going there, but it still seems impossible.  I think having the chaos get to you is perfectly natural.  Actually making some times where things are relatively controlled is probably a good way to cope.  At least you have that walk to look forward to.

  4. I will totally be praying for you over this next week too–you really are doing a great job!  I think I’m really similar to the chaos/control/organizing thing too…it really does seem like a natural coping mechanism.  I’ve been wanting more to pick up toys instead of leaving them all out–trying to encourage the kids to pick them up before they get another one out.  I think that’s been helping lately.   And, it was encouraging to read your consistency day too, we’ve been having some issues there too, especially with Ethan–and I need to just do better in that area, it’s so easy to let things slide sometimes.  Yay for walks–hope they’ve brought some peace & sanity!

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