Day #3

Ezekiel is 1 month today.  Wow, already.  I feel like it’s gone so quickly.  He’s such a great baby.  He’s smiling, but I think it’s only been interactive maybe twice.  He still has baby acne all over his nose, he’s had it since he was born.  He’s also peeling still.  Last week I found a birthmark on his shoulder—so cute!  His belly button is really cute too. He is getting chunkier, he even has a double chin now. 

Today was really tough.  I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  Elijah kept waking up, I finally got out of him that his cheek was hurting, I gave him some Tylenol and rocked him.  I thought maybe an ear infection and was dreading the long night ahead of me, but finally he fell asleep in my arms just in time for me to feed Zeke around 1:30 am.  I was really wondering what I’d do with Elijah when Zeke woke up.  I laid Elijah down in his crib and he didn’t wake up anymore(which I was very thankful for) there’s no way it was an ear infection.  I think it must have been his molars coming in.  I am so thankful it worked out—I have no idea how I would have pulled off a sick Elijah and feeding Zeke—there’s only so much room on my lap.  By 10am this morning, I had already had a mommy meltdown……I had several more and I had to ask Malachi’s forgiveness several times today.  I hate it…….poor guy.  I also saw him model some of my bad behavior today….. I really hate that. 

Three down, four to go. 

1 month old Zeke

One of our daily walks!                                                           My aunt made this quilt for Zeke. 

Malachi(3yrs.) with Zeke(1 month).                                               Malachi(15 months) with Elijah(1 month).

Wow, Zeke and Elijah sure look a lot alike at 1 month!


7 thoughts on “Day #3”

  1. Those pics are so cool of Malachi with his bros. My heart goes out to you, Tara. I hope you can get some good rest tonight…and tomorrow…and as much as you can! You are doing a wonderful job–3 boys is a lot to handle!

  2. wow, they do look alike. I thought it was the same kids. Cool comparison. So sorry you didn’t get enough sleep. Is there anyone who could help you a bit during one of these last couple days? Not that you couldn’t do it alone, but just for some extra zing.

  3. I´ve thought all along how much Zeke looks like Elijah.  Those pictures are adorable.  I´m praying for you so much.  I know it has to be so tough…hang in there.

  4. You are still amazing.  I think it’s wonderful that you apologized to Malachi – that is great behavior he will learn to model.  Still praying for you.  I am also hoping someone can help some. 

  5. I’m catching up on xangas. I hope your next day was better. I’m so sorry. It’s so hard being a tired mom. I love that you have all these cool comparison pictures.

  6. Meltdowns happen. I think it is so important that we apologize to our kids when we need to – bravo to you for being able to do that. Try to be encouraged knowing that someday Malachi will model that behavior too 🙂 Also, I love your new colors.

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