Day #4

Please feel free not to read this if you aren’t interested in the daily updates without Brian.  This is my only outlet to the outside world!  I had a good sleep last night. I still woke up every three hours, but I felt rested when I woke up at 6:30ish today.  I was planning to go to church, but Malachi had green goopy boogies this morning and he’s still coughing.  That basically means he’s outlawed from the nursery, so we didn’t go.  Chi was very disappointed.  Zeke is also congested now too.  I’m calling the doctor tomorrow, it’s a terrible sound to hear him snort and sneeze from it. We had a birthday party to go to this afternoon for Tony–he’s 60.  I totally thought we could be there on time, but it didn’t happen.  Nursing and getting out the door with everyone ready sort of slowed us down.  Elijah did nap at an odd time today, 11 to 1pm. He didn’t mind at all, he went right down. The party was at 1:30, we got there a little before 2.  It was at a restaurant, Italian, really yummy!  There were like 30 or so people there.  I thought my boys did well, but I got two bad comments.  Malachi was called a “little hellian” and they were called “rambunctious”.  They are little boys, almost 2 and 3 years old, they can’t sit in a chair for an hour and a half!  I was very frustrated and then felt angry.  I really wanted to say something sarcastic back, but I’ve never been able to do that.  So I went home fuming and also railing in my mind against my family.  I’ll spare you those thoughts.  I tried to plan a shopping trip to Kohl’s with my mom(I have another gift card to spend) for tomorrow, but she can’t go now.  Tuesday I asked her to help me take the boys to the doctor—Chi has his 3 year check up. But she isn’t able to go with me, she has jury duty. Later this summer Brian will be gone two weeks.  One for youth conference, he’s driving our church’s bus and then to adult conference.  I’m really doubting we made the best decision about that—am I stupid or what?

I’m off to work on making birth announcements. 

Four down, three to go.

14 thoughts on “Day #4”

  1. Oh my goodness, Tara – hellians?  What are people thinking?  If you SURVIVE an hour and a half with very, very small children in a nice restaurant, it’s an accomplishment.  I’m so very, very sorry.  I am praying for you all of the time.  At least you’re over half way there.  I really admire you.

  2. People must forget what it’s like to have kids this age…of course they’re rambuctious! I guess it was good you were 30 min. late to spare you from having them sit any longer! We’re still trying to figure out the bnyc thing too–Andy’s taking our teens to Miss. for 2 wks…so I’m right there with you…stupid mom of hellians 🙂 🙂

  3. I can’t stand it when people make comments like that. I’m sure the boys were great given the situation. You know, maybe you should come visit me while Brian’s gone this summer…although, I’m not sure where we’re living the week of adult conference 🙂

  4. We love your daily posts. I hope they continue even after Brian comes back. I’m glad you were able to get some Italian (and didn’t have to cook it or clean up afterward). I’m sorry about the comments. Truly moronic things come out of people’s mouths sometimes.

  5. People have no idea what they are saying…what is wrong with them?  You´re doing great, Tara.  I don´t at all think you are stupid, but is there any way to change the plan about this summer?  Two weeks away sounds so exhausting.  Even super-woman can´t do everything, you know?

  6. Hellians??!! That is so rude! They were perfectly fine and I do believe all of the children in the room under the age of 4 were releasing some pent up energy from sitting for so long. Ugh!
    It was a ton of fun having them there and it made the party go by fast.
    I hope my “helping” didn’t cause any frustration for you especially when I left the room with Elijah. Tara I feel our relationship has grown enough that you can honestly tell me if I’m doing something you prefer I wouldn’t. After all I have no children and have been really focused on learning from you and Brian so please continue to teach me.
    So can I come over tonight and help with bedtime? I’m craving a song by your beautiful boys 🙂

  7. Sorry about missing church and those comments. You aren’t stupid for planning for Brian to go away. Do let us help if you can. I don’t know where I’ll be living during adult conference, but I’d love to help. Sorry your mom’s been busy. That’s a bummer. I’d loan you mine, if she wasn’t so many states away.

  8. I really hate the fact that family members feel like it is ok to make rude comments about other people’s small children. Would I be correct in assuming that these people have either never had kids, or at least haven’t had them in years? Im sorry that you had to deal with that and especially that you had to deal with it alone. I can’t believe the things that you are able to accomplish with 3 kids and no husband. You are doing an amazing job.

  9. I don’t know what people are thinking–you did such an awesome job taking all three to the party and I don’t think mine would have ever lasted as long as your boys did!  Just the attempt is such an accomplishment–sorry you had to hear those rude comments–people are just clueless!  You really are doing a great job hanging in there!!  We’ve had to rearrange plans with Jon being away or at least had some help come in for me and that was a really good thing.   I’m slowly learning that balance of saying no or rearranging dates/schedules…it’s necessary for my sanity & the kids:)   I was catching up on Xanga’s and will be praying for more nights of rest–hope the boys are feeling better soon!  You really are doing a great job!

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