Today I got a haircut.  A few days ago it was in the 80’s and hot, but not as humid as it gets in the summer.  I decided I couldn’t keep my long hair.  It was incredibly annoying, so I chopped it enough to let it air dry (any shorter and I couldn’t do it) and long enough to put in a ponytail.
Here’s the before and………………………………….after.  That’s right bangs.  I haven’t had them since high school.

We also took a drive to Waldorf today to look at a Chariot Carrier, called a Cougar.  It can be used as a stroller, for jogging, for biking, for hiking, and for skiing.  Yeah, can you believe all that.  We really really want to get it.  It would replace our current double jogging stroller and then it can do all those other things.  We aren’t going to get the skiing attachment.  We have some money to go towards it right now, but it’s crazy expensive. (I feel like a Dunlevy using the word crazy that way. =)  )

We also went to Mom and Tony’s to pick up my bike I received from my dad on my 16th birthday.  I only used it a handful of times.  Hopefully I’ll get some use out of it now.  The boys played trucks, they didn’t want to ride the tricycles my Mom got for them at yard sales, oh well.

Some beautiful Iris’ in their yard.  There were like 6 different colors.  Absolutely amazing!

11 thoughts on “Haircut!”

  1. You look so amazing Tara – three kids? No way.  And the hair – nice choice. Bangs are fun…  Wow! What a great looking stroller.  Have you tested one out yet?  It seems to be really practical.  I’m of the belief that if you will use a piece of nice equipment to keep you in shape – it’s worth it, no matter the cost.  It’s so worth it.  We love our double jogger – one of the best investments we’ve made.  Let me know what you think of it once you’ve used it for a while. 

  2. I love the haircut!  I’ve been considering some bangs too…you look great!  🙂  Would you sell your jogging stroller if you got the chariot carrier?  That could help cover some of the cost.  Just a thought.  I’ve seen people using those behind bikes and running–very cool!  You definitely have to keep us posted if you end up getting one.  🙂  Beautiful flowers–amazing colors! 

  3. That chariot is insane. Wonder if you could use it for all those things at once… Your haircut looks great! I’m feeling the need for a chop. And I think it’s so cool about the counseling. I really hope you feel comfortable and vulnerable with these people, and that God uses them greatly in your lives. It’s so awesome how God provided the resources for you to do that!

  4. Your hair looks great!  I really like it.  I’ve been offline for a few days, but that is so awesome how the counseling worked out for you guys–wow, God is so good, all in his timing.  I’ll be praying it’s really helpful.  The stroller sounds so fun! I hope you’re able to get it!

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