You Know Your Toilet Needs to be Cleaned…

……when your three year old son says, “your toilet looks like coffee.”  Yeah, so I cleaned all the potties today.  Which is a good thing because Zeke’s napping spot the last several afternoons has been in the cradle in the hall bathroom.  Good thing it is nice and clean.

Let me tell you how the day began, I was feeding Zeke at 4:45 and Malachi woke up a little after 5am and said, “Wake up Elijah!”  He opened his door and said, “I’m going downstairs to get some cars.”  I herded him back to his bedroom and told him to go back to sleep, he was refusing.  I woke up Brian and Malachi stayed in his room for only an hour, I have no idea if he went back to sleep, it was quiet. Then I slept to a little after 7 and took a shower. Brian got up to feed the boys, there were wipes everywhere and diaper rash ointment everywhere.  All over the boys, the wall, the crib, the dresser…….why did I leave it in there, I knew this could happen. 

The morning made it seem like it would be a disastrous day, but it went well.  I cleaned and cleaned out all day.  Malachi helped me make banana bread.  I vacuumed the stairs and couch, those two hadn’t been done since we moved here.  I rearranged the play room.  I feel like it was an extremely productive day. The church youth are having an annual yard sale in June, we’ve decided to rent out a table and begin the selling of our things.  I have a huge pile in our upstairs hallway.  I really like decluttering, I really look forward to getting rid of things and starting over.  I hope we can somehow stay clutter free the rest of our lives–okay, that’s a little too ambitious.

I have some cute pictures from the boys today and some not so cute, but I’m ready for bed…… maybe tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “You Know Your Toilet Needs to be Cleaned…”

  1. Oh man, diaper ointment? I’m sorry you had to deal with that first thing in the morning! The rest of the day sounds very productive, I didn’t know days like that were possible with 3 kids aged 3 and under, you have impressed me again 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m impressed with your productivity! I love days like that…I was almost motivated to do that in my own house by reading your post, but not quite 🙂 As I told Jil once, moving to another country can really simplify your life when it comes to material goods. It becomes very freeing to get rid of so much and I enjoy it!

  3. Sounds like a good day – I’m impressed you stayed productive with the rough start.  The coffee comment is really funny.  Hope today is good, as well.

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