The pumping begins…..

I pumped last night for the first time, no problems with that, but the problem is Zeke wouldn’t take the bottle this afternoon with Brian.  He went five hours between feedings and he wasn’t even fussy.  When I got home I tried to feed him the bottle too, he got so mad and cried.  He knew I had the milk somewhere, but that bottle was not what he wanted.  So—-I’m kicking myself.  I’ve read to start bottles by the time a baby is 6 weeks and I just didn’t get around to it.

I have some brain function right now so I’ll share more about this weekend in Richmond. Brian preached on the wealthy and poor—-their relationship and what the Bible says about it.  God is really stretching me in this stuff and I’m trying to get a grasp on it all.  He preached on the Rich Young Ruler and focused on how we make our money and what we do with it. The Bible repeatedly teaches about giving to the poor and those in need. In this passage Jesus focused on how the RYR got his money–he got it by somehow taking it from the poor.  The passage then focused on how God wants us to take care of our brothers and sisters in Christ–to sell what we have and give to them what they need.  Acts 2 talks about the first church and how they did this. Anyway—that is a really tough topic to preach on and he did it.  We just heard back a positive from the missions guy that people seemed to be discussing it and seeking further understanding.  Brian was really hoping to create discussion on it all.  So, we are trying to figure out how to apply all of this.  We have some things to change and some more things to discuss when it comes to saving and retirement—it is just really tough, my culture has invaded my thinking of money and I’m really trying to see it as God wants us to see it.

The counseling is going well, but just really tough stuff too.  If you think of it please pray–thanks.

6 thoughts on “The pumping begins…..”

  1. Sorry about the bad bottle experience.  I hate to say it, but I waited too long to introduce a bottle to Ellie and she never would take one.  Of course, we didn’t really work at it as hard as we could have.  I’m sure you will find a way.  With Scotty, we introduced the paci early, and the bottle was a shoe-in.  That is really cool about Brian’s sermon.  It was a courageous and really important thing to preach about.  I know what you mean about having to shed all of your cultural assumptions about money.  I’ve been through a lot of agonizing over those questions, too.  I’m so glad the counseling is going well.  I’m really praying for you.

  2. Wow, I know where you are coming from with the money issues. Lee and I are dealing with these things. As a CPA, Lee holds savings, retirement, etc. as a very high value and I am more relational and emotional with my money choices, so I am often more willing to give generously. Both of us, though, have to work on sacrificing comfort for others. Thanks for sharing about this and challenging me to think about this more! By the way, who is the missions person at Richmond now? Just curious if I know him…

  3. I hope that the next attempt with the bottle is better–just keep trying!   Money issues sure are hard–hard to think about, work through and actually follow through on your choices.   I know God will continue to provide as we give up–following through that in faith is so tough for me–thanks for sharing your thoughts/struggles.    It sounds like Brian really got people thinking too.  I’ll be praying for you with counseling stuff.

  4. Tara! Of course I remember you. I’m so glad you found me! You have a beautiful family! And three boys. haha. It’s a handful isn’t it? How old are yours? What are you up to these days? Would be fun to catch up!

  5. I forgot that Hal was the missions person…I must have known that since they are one of the few families that is still there that I know 🙂 I’m glad there are young couples and families going there, too! Anyway, hope the bottle is going better. I know that is frustrating!

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