Happy Birthday Elijah!


Elijah’s birth story…………………..
Elijah was due June 10, 2005.  I thought I’d have him early because I had Malachi 10 days early—that didn’t happened as I was hoping.  June 10th came around and the boy didn’t come.  I had a non stress test on the 15th and was scheduled for inducement on the 19th—I think.  I really didn’t want to be induced and was really hoping this boy would come.  The morning of the 17th I woke up around 5:30ish feeling some contractions, but went back to sleep.  Around 6:30 I woke up to more intense contractions and I got up and started getting things ready for Malachi for the day.  At that point Barbie was home from college and was going to be able to take care of him when we went to the hospital.  I woke Brian up and told him what was going on, he called Barbie and Malachi woke up during that time.  He was felt really warm, I took his temperature and he had a fever—but nothing else seemed to be bothering him.  I remember it being like 102 or 103 so I called the pediatricians office and left a message and gave him Tylenol.  I took a shower and was having contractions like 2 to 5 minutes a part and Barbie got there and we left for the hospital around 7:30am.  I was so sad to leave Malachi with someone with such a high fever.  At the hospital we found out I was 6cm dilated and they put me right in a delivery room, all the labor rooms were filled.  I was having some really strong contractions and they told me I was having them too quickly to get an epidural.  I did get to walk around the room some before they hooked me up and I was so glad because the bed was so uncomfortable when I had contractions with Chi.  Sometime in there the pediatrician called me back and told me to  give him Tylenol  and to look out for other symptoms and to call back the next day if the fever didn’t go down.  Brian talked to the doctor on call to see if he could deliver Elijah, but he said no, just cut the cord.  Then that doctor had a scheduled surgery, so a resident delivered Elijah too—she graduated that afternoon. Around 10 am while lying in bed my water broke, a few minutes later I started pushing and had another episiotomy and delivered Elijah David at 10:34 am.  He weighed 8lbs 13 oz.  He didn’t have nearly as much hair as Malachi and his head had a huge ridge—-I think it was because my labor progressed so quickly. Elijah seemed to resemble me a little more than Malachi.  Months later we got a newborn picture of Brian, and Elijah looked exactly like Brian’s newborn picture—exactly.  Very crazy. Back to the story, I delivered him with no pain medication and I felt great afterwards. I barely had any perineum pain—I was so surprised.  I really felt good and I had visitors all day long.  It was the best time of day to have a baby, I had a great nights sleep and I could enjoy all the company.  Tara stopped by our house to give Malachi more Tylenol later that day and took his temp.  It finally went down by bed time—and nothing else was wrong.  The next day Malachi met his new baby brother and I remember him looking so huge to me—he was only 14 months so he was still pretty small, but not my baby anymore. 

Elijah is at such a fun stage.  He loves being silly and will give you the best laugh and smile.  His smile lights up a room.  He loves sticking his fingers in things and frequently gets them stuck.  He’s seems to have my klutzy gene–he falls and trips often.  He loves sucking his thumb and holding his blanket.  He also loves taking his shirt off so he can wrap his blanket around his belly and he’ll repeatedly say, “soft”.  This kid says so much, he already says so many sentences—it amazes us all the time.  Whenever he’s talking about anything that is big, he squishesand puckers his lips and says that word in a really deep voice——-it always makes me laugh. Whenever anyone asks him “how are you”, he says, “three”(because Malachi turned three and he doesn’t hear the difference between old and are).  I’ve been trying to teach him “how are you” and “how old are you” this week, I don’t think the answers are sticking yet.  And this kid loves his naps, he will lay down in the pack-n-play anywhere at almost anytime and take a nap.  I’m so thankful God gave us Elijah, he has brought us so much joy.  I look forward to seeing his little personality continue to grow and shine. 

More pictures tomorrow…….

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elijah!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!  I can’t believe he is two already.  I was thinking today of last year and how we were all together on his first birthday.  We can’t wait to see you guys again.  He may look like Brian’s baby pictures, but I still see a lot of you in him.  I love his little grin.  We are so looking forward to getting to know him better.  He sounds like so much fun.

  2. Happy Birthday, Elijah! Beautiful pictures and story. I love reading birth stories, especially when they are happy! I’m glad his was not too hard on you. He is a cutie, then and now!

  3. Happy Birthday Elijah!!  Hope it was a great time celebrating–can’t wait to see pictures.  I think I had worked the night before and was sleeping when you had Elijah, I was trying to remember.  It was fun to read the birth story again–I see alot of you in him too, especially in his smile. 

  4. Happy birthday!!! I’m sorry I missed his birthday- I wanted to get a video up from his last birthday, but it’s on our old computer. I hope Elijah’s second birthday was lots of fun. He’s a sweet little guy.

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