Fun Day with Family

We had a very fun and low key day.  This morning the boys had a doctor’s appt and got some shots.  Elijah was over it immediately and Malachi was upset for about 30 minutes.  He’s still talking about how the doctor hurt him–his explanations are a first.  We had lots of fun playing together today—building forts with pillows and pillow fights and wrestling and hide and seek and swimming and reading.  It was very fun.  We went to Mom and Tony’s to swim and we did a cook out.  Brian was grilling and I was upstairs in the kitchen boiling corn on the cob—all the girls were in or around the pool and Chi and Lijah were around the pool.  Malachi was riding a tricycle and drove it into the pool, Brian jumped in to get him.  Veronica cried, if I would have been down there I think I would have screamed and cried too.  He had swimmies on his arms, but they slipped off when he fell in(not that they are made to save you).  The other events of the day included me going back to the dentist to get another impression for my porcelain veneer… they had to pop off the temporary veneer.  This evening when I was eating it popped off, I had to run to the store to get denture cream to get it to stay on.  I’ll be calling tomorrow. 

Fort fun and pillow fights.

Hide and seek

Pool fun


8 thoughts on “Fun Day with Family”

  1. I’m so glad you’re having a good time.  That is scary about Malachi.  I’m so glad Brian was right there to get him…and that you weren’t, so you didn’t have to see it.  Both pillows and pool look like a blast. 

  2. Wow, that is just scary about Chi riding the bike into the pool. And relieving that Brian was so quick. Crazy. It looks like such a fun time with the family. I think it’s kind of funny that you had to buy denture cream. I mean, I’m sorry about the tooth problems. But still, denture cream is funny 🙂

  3. That’s funny that you call that a low key day 🙂 That IS scary about riding his bike straight into the pool. Great job, Brian, on getting him quickly! Glad you had a fun time!

  4. That’s so crazy about Malachi.  Jon has been rather fearless both times that we’ve been at pools this year–making me a little more fearful!  I hope you were able to get your tooth fixed right away.  Great pictures–as always!

  5. That pool looks so nice…it’ll be all the nicer when our guys learn to swim, huh? The father’s day pic of zeke is so great. What a precious smile. You have some amazing boys, Tara.

  6. So sorry about Malachi and glad you didn’t have to see it!  That’s like those scary mom moments that I had last week when Ethan was choking.  It sounds like you guys have been having a fun time with Veronica and girls–hope to hear more of how your week went with them!  And, that picture of Zeke is absolutely ADORABLE!!

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