Highlights of the Week

We had a great week.  Summer and Taylor are so sweet and so fun to be
around.  I had some great talks with Veronica.  We really enjoyed the
whole week.  It is so special to see my kids relate with their cousins,
I can’t wait for Jason and Erika to have kids and see the same thing
with my kids and their kids. 

Wednesday we went to the beach, I didn’t take the camera.  Wednesday night Brian had an awards banquet for his darts league.  It was fun.  I kept telling him he was probably playing darts with people I graduated with from high school.  I ended up seeing one of my high school teachers there.  He says he remembered me—mmmm.  He used to always tease me for being in FCA–he used to call it the Future Communists of America.  Anyway, it was a fun date night. 

Thursday we took the metro into DC.  Brian, me, and the boys went to
get birth certificates and then we got them authenticated with the
seals for Costa Rica and Argentina. Those were two different building, blocks away from each other. It took all morning of walking to
find them, but it was a beautiful day and we loved walking around the
city.  We met up with the girls at the national zoo after lunch.  We
spent like an hour there, it was enough for Malachi and Elijah to see
the pandas, elephants, and a few other animals.  They did great all day
and so did Zeke, but we were all so exhausted. After we put the boys to bed, the girls got silly and we made these silly chin faces.  It was a blast—like in a girl’s slumber party kind of way.  We laughed so hard—I love laughing.


Friday we went back to the beach and had a blast.  I never really liked the beach too much growing up–we didn’t go that often.  I loved this.  The boys were having so much fun playing.  Malachi loved laying down in the water right by the shore and Elijah loved playing in the sand, he didn’t like the water too much.  I loved just sitting there and watching—I had Zeke in the sling for most of the time–so I was pretty stationary this visit.  Brian commented on my smiling at one point, he said it was such a satisfied smile.  I really felt like that.  So, I love the beach now and I don’t mind that there is sand everywhere on my front porch or all over my house.  It will all get vacuumed and cleaned this week.  I loved it.


Friday night Brian’s Aunt Rosie flew in to visit her daughter
Emily, she lives in Baltimore.  They came by for
dinner.  We had a fun visit with them.  Do you see
the family resemblance?  While Vern and I were getting dinner ready, we looked in the family room and saw six year old Summer holding Elijah on her lap and bouncing Zeke in the bouncer with her foot.  She’s gonna be a great mommy someday!


5 thoughts on “Highlights of the Week”

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time with family.  The words fun and happy came up a lot.  Those are really fun cousin pictures.  I can’t wait for my kids to be around their cousins, too.

  2. Yay–I’m so glad you had a great week, it sounded like lots of fun!  Lots of great pictures too.  I can just hear you laughing at the chin faces–I miss your laugh!  Wow, there really is a strong Gornik family resemblance with all of Brian’s family, you can really see it in the pictures.  The beach looks like lots of fun, my kids would love playing there too!

  3. It sounds like such a good week. The beach time sounds so fun. The girl slumber party stuff sounds fun too. Is that a video? I can’t get it to play. I’m very impressed/a little envious that you have your birth certificate stuff squared away. We’re going to be working on that stuff this week. I think Rich may call Brian to double check what we need to do. Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday night!

  4. How fun!!!! It sounds like a really great week and the pictures are awesome. Think of how much fun it will be fo ryou all too look back on this post years and years from now 🙂

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