Last night was Elijah’s first night in the toddler bed.  Bye-bye crib.  He was excited to climb into his bed all by himself.  This morning when I went into the boy’s room Malachi was out of bed, but Elijah was still in his.  He didn’t get out at all during his nap time today either.  For naps we decided to try Malachi in our bed, Elijah in his bed and Zeke in his room.  Malachi didn’t nap—we’re trying to find something to work for all three of them.  I’d like to get back to scrapbooking during naps, the table with all my stuff is set up in my room—I’m hoping we’ll figure something out to work for all of us.

Here’s the big boy bed.

Ezekiel is doing some cute things.  He likes sucking on his tongue right now.  His fingers often find their way into his mouth and he likes sucking on them too.  He’s starting to take the pacifier again—-he doesn’t keep it in too, too long.  He gets so excited when I get into his line of vision, it’s so precious.  He’ll follow me all around the room with his eyes.  He’s also started bearing weight on his legs, he is soooo strong.  If I’m not careful he can push himself right out of my arms, crazy boy.

I love checking on my kids when they are asleep, if I ever crawl into bed and realize I forgot to check on them, I can’t fall asleep until I go into their rooms.  They are so amazing and sometimes I can’t help but just stare at them. These pictures are a suggestion from Brahamcrackers.


8 thoughts on “Milestones”

  1. What sweet, sleeping boys. Lijah is getting so big. He looks sort of proud of his new bed 🙂 I hope you figure out a good napping situation soon so you can get some good time to yourself. That reminds me- I need to finish Emerson’s album.

  2. Sweet sleeping pictures! It is hard to have kids share a room. We do it sometimes and we start having the kids share a room at my mom’s tomorrow. Yuck! Hope you can get back to your scrapbooking. Good for you, having it set up and ready to go when you can find moments to work on it!

  3. Elijah is obviously loving the extra room the toddler bed provides…with his arm all hanging out. It’s very, very cute. It looks like you have a tummy sleeper and a back sleeper. They are adorable kids.

  4. Sweet, sleepy boys.  I hope the toddler bed transition continues smoothly and you get the nap thing figured out.  That alone time in the afternoon is so wonderful.

  5. Yay for the big boy bed!  It sounds like Elijah is doing really well so far, I hope it continues.  I love watching our kids while they are sleeping too, so peaceful, it’s hard not to stare at them.  That’s so precious that Zeke follows you with his eyes, it makes you feel so good when they are so excited to see you!

  6. Okay, I have an inexperienced mom question for you, Tara…how do you know when your kid is ready to go from the crib to a bed?  We have a toddler bed that someone from church gave us, but we’re not sure if Jon’s ready for it yet.  He’s 22 months old, he doesn’t try to climb out of the crib, but he definitely runs around in it if he’s not quite ready to sleep yet at bedtime…any hints or suggestions?

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