Boardwalk Reunions and other things…

Last night while I took a boardwalk stroll with the boys I saw my good friend Jessica.  She was a friend from church and school.  We’ve kept in touch through the years, she lives in Dayton, OH. She had her second little girl in February so this was the first I saw her.  We walked and talked, it was such a pleasant surprise. She said she was hoping she’d run into me on the boardwalk because she forgot my phone number at home. It was a great way to end the evening and as soon as we got home it was bedtime. 

I feel like I have a lot of random things to share so forgive the disjointedness. 

I found out yesterday that a good family friend has a brain tumor. We saw him at church on Sunday and he seemed out of sorts, he’s always very playful and jokes and gives hugs whenever I see him. He was also walking extremely slow and labored. His wife asked me to pray for him, I asked her if something happened and she said she thought he had a stroke.  So the tumor was a huge shock.  He’s having as much as can be removed, removed tomorrow.  He and his wife introduced mom and Tony to each other.  Mom and Tony’s 25th anniversary was yesterday.  They are having a party this weekend.  This couple who’s always at these special parties won’t be a apart of it.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone or known anyone with a brain tumor. Bob and Jane are their names.  

Veronica bought us some Argentine wine to try.  We tried a Malbec last week, we have two more bottles to try.  I liked it, but I need to acquire more of a taste for reds.  I’ve usually only had whites or a blush wine in my limited experience.

Last week when Brian and I went to the bar for the darts awards, he showed me how to play.  I got a bullseye on  my second throw.  I never would have thought darts would be fun.

Malachi has a new stunt, that Brian very much encouraged and took pictures of……

The boys grabbed a baby wipe each this afternoon because they noticed the windows needed to be washed.  I think it is more smeared now—but it was so sweet of them to think to wash it. 

And these are just because……

6 thoughts on “Boardwalk Reunions and other things…”

  1. Ok. Yeah. I hope Chad doesn’t teach miles how to do that new stunt. Your boys are fearless. And considerate! It was very sweet of them to “wash” the windows for you. Your baby just gets cuter and cuter. We’ll be praying for Bob. I hope the surgery is amazingly successful and all of the tumor is removed.

  2. I love Malachi’s new trick.  Hilarious.  He and Ellie are going to get along great.  How fun for you to have a surprise reunion.  That sounds like a really nice night, just walking and catching up.  Mmmm.  Malbec.  From what I understand, malbec is a uniquely Argentine kind of wine.  I’m not exactly an expert, but I find it quite good.  Red wine is what it’s all about down here.  Zekey is so cute.

  3. That’s quite the stunt.  Whoaoa.  I think Campbell will enjoy your boys.  Too much.  πŸ™‚  What a sweet little Zekey.  He looks so thoughtful in that last one.

  4. How fun that you ran into an old friend on the boardwalk…the whole thing sounds like a lovely movie scene to me πŸ™‚ I am really sorry to hear about Bob. Please keep us posted. Your boys are, as always, fun and adorable.

  5. Glad you got to catch up with your friend–sounded like a fun time!!  And, it’s always nice when you get back and it’s bedtime.  I’ll be praying for Bob.  One of the guys in our small group is in remission from a brain tumor, when we met him, he was still undergoing treatments and found out about a year ago that it had shrunk enough they were able to remove it…I’ll be praying the same thing for Bob.  Malachi’s stunt looks like lots of fun!  And. Zeke looks adorable in his alligator shirt–what a cutie!

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