Small Town Girl

Growing up I always thought I lived in a metropolitan area.  This was mainly true in my thinking because whenever we went to visit my Nana and Pop-pop in the Northern Neck of Virginia we called it “going down to the country.”  So if they lived in the country, I didn’t.  At least we had a grocery store 15 minutes away and a mall about an hour away.  Down in the country, a grocery store was almost 30 minutes away and a mall was an hour and a half away.  We had some corn fields and tobacco fields but nothing compared to down in the country.  They had miles and miles and miles of fields.  And  down in the country, my Pop-pop’s childhood farm home was still in the Fallin family.  Well, Mom and Tony do own a tobacco barn(which I remember them letting farmers dry tobacco in one summer)–but we didn’t live next to a corn field—so we weren’t in the country.  Why am I going on and on about this?  Since I’ve moved back to the county I grew up in, I’ve realized just how small it is.  I am a small town girl.  Everywhere I go I see people I knew from elementary, middle and high school, from dance, from church, from cheerleading(yes, much to Brian’s horror, I cheered when I was in elementary school), girl scouts……I see people I know everywhere.  Just this last week I’ve seen several people I graduated with and three formal teachers. And my dentist was thrilled I was a Northern Patriot(my alma mater).  I am a small town girl.  I’m repeating this because I’m still convincing myself, I’ve had a false belief my whole life about it.  Maybe it goes back to first grade and trying to understand what rural and urban meant.  I remember those words always being confusing to me, maybe it was because I couldn’t say the r’s in rural for years in elementary school and therefore couldn’t remember which word meant city or farmland.  This small town girl always wanted something different and didn’t want to move back to Calvert County for life.  I dreaded moving here after living in urban Philadelphia for almost 5 years.  So I’m glad to be moving back to an urban area, but I have learned to enjoy this small town. 

This small town girl has had a very busy few days.  My Aunt Berta(my mom’s sister) and Uncle Jeff are visiting.  They live on the west coast so we don’t see them too often.  My kids have taken a liking to them, but really my kids seem to take a liking to anyone they meet.  They just really like people.  We’ve had some fun with them the last few days.  The other events included the addition of my new tooth(pictures to come in the next entry),  our stroller back came back, an incredibly adorable book called Philadelphia Chickens by Sandra Boynton joined our family,  and Brian may need surgery on his shoulder. 

Grammy and Chi                                                                        Aunt Berta and Elijah

Elijah hated the water at first–but by the end he didn’t want to get out

 Chi and Uncle Jeff                                                                      Chi and Grandaddy

Look how big my baby is!!                                                       What a great kid and Papa.

The book I mentioned earlier is such a hit with our boys, the CD that came with it is such a blast.  I love dancing around to it!  There’s a picture of it on the side.


5 thoughts on “Small Town Girl”

  1. I have Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl stuck in my head now. Funny that you thought you were a city girl. I mean, I agree, you’re not from the sticks, but yeah, Calvert County seems pretty rural 🙂 The pool pictures are great- it looks like a really fun time with family. Zeke is so big. I can’t wait to meet him!!!

  2. That is funny about thinking you were a city girl…until you lived in a real city.  I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy being back “home” for a while.  As usual the pictures are wonderful.  Your boys are so funny and cute.  How awesome that they warm up to people so quickly.  So far mine seem to be the same, and it is the biggest blessing when you’re always around new people.

  3. Maybe that’s why you like the movie “sweet home alabama” =)  I remember watching that together.  Hey, I may be out of the loop, but why does Brian need shoulder surgery?  I sure hope he doesn’t need that.  Fun pool pictures.  I wanted to buy the Philadelphia Chickens book at Kohls and never got around to it, it looked really cute. 

  4. Glad you’ve had fun with family. It is funny to realize things we thought were true, when they really aren’t. Or to remember something being so big and then see it again as an adult and realize how small it is.

  5. Interesting reading these thoughts. I can understand about realizing that something you have always thought about yourself isn’t true. Yeah, Sarah’s comment made me smile. There are so many things that seem so very different as an adult!

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