M & T’s 25th Anniversary Party


Saturday we met all the family at the Fish Market in Alexandria, VA.  We had a dinner and then Mom and Tony renewed their vows in the park.  It was actually really nice, not stressful and surprisingly enjoyable.  I know that sounds weird but you never know with this group of people.  Jamie and Debbie live in VA and decided I-95 would be a nightmare so they took their boat up the Potomac and docked at a public dock a block away from the restaurant.  After dinner and the vows, half of my family took a boat ride……we left before they got back but I’m sure they took the river into DC.  That would have been a great ride. 

The before, the temp and the permanent fix.  I’m satisfied with it and hoping it won’t ever come off again.

Today I had a visitor.  Christine and her baby Ellie(Ellyana) came over.  She was a junior in high school when Brian interned here 7 years ago. She married one of the guys from church.  They went to college in Illinois and he’s a youth pastor out their now.  It was fun to catch up and she was giving us tips on Costa Rica.  She was a Spanish major and spent a summer studying there.  She’s always been such an encouragement to me and it’s so great to now have the role as friends. 

Some updates on our family:
Brian—-he had an MRI today on his shoulder.  They put a shot of dye in it to more clearly see what’s going on.  After it was all finished and he was waiting in the waiting area, he felt dizzy and laid down on the floor.  He almost passed out—a nurse came out and laughed and asked if he was okay.  He was surprised about it all……but he’s drove home just fine.  Hopefully the doc will call soon with the results.

Me—–I’m shedding!!!!!!!  My hair did this with my other boys too.  About three months after giving birth, my hair starts shedding all the hair it didn’t shed over the last year.  It is coming out like crazy, I always feel it hanging down and hitting my arms.  It is oh so annoying.  I also find it all over Zeke and the other boys. 

Malachi—after Brian puts him to bed and I’m feeding Zeke, he’ll pop into Zeke’s room because he wants to tell me a story.  His stories are so cute, not alway clear and to the point, but very sweet.  It is sort of becoming a ritual.  Another ritual is snuggling.  When I’m finished feeding Zeke, I’ll go say good night to the boys.  They want to snuggle with me, so we pile into Malachi’s bed and snuggle.  I love it. 

Elijah–he has such a tender heart.  He is so sensitive and will cry when Malachi is mean to him.  He has become more in tune to the needs of others—of each of us.  It is so precious to see him want to help all of us and seek out interaction with each of us. 

Zeke—he’s started batting with his hands and kicking at the play gym and bouncy seat.  He’s also rolling from side to side.  He’s still spitting up a lot and I’m noticing more crying…..I wonder if maybe he may need meds for acid reflux.

He’s playing!!!!

Much to Brian’s pleasure, the boys watched Hoosiers today.  He was so thrilled they were into it.  He wants to watch more basketball movies now.  Malachi and Elijah loved it.  I just realized this picture doesn’t show their excitement, but they really did like it.


9 thoughts on “M & T’s 25th Anniversary Party”

  1. ok, i like the individual update. I sometimes think that my kids are different because of their gender, but hearing about your boys I’m reminded that we are all unique. (that sounded cheesy) Cool big family picture. We would love the stroller!! We also plan on being here that week (next week) and will just be slowly packing. We move on the 17-19. Did your Aunt ever come to Grace with your mom to visit you? Malachi looks like Brian. Love your teeth.

  2. Wow…what a great, informative post.  So much to comment on.  I liked the individual updates, too.  I had the hair shedding thing, too.  It’s so annoying.  Hopefully it will pass quickly.  I’m so glad you had a good time with the extended family.  It sounds like a fun night.  Your tooth looks great.  And Zeke is looking so much more grown up!  What a cutie.  I can’t wait to meet him. 

  3. Oh man. My hair is STILL falling out. It’s another reason why it’s always in a ponytail. It is annoying. The anniversary party looked like fun! And you look fabulous with your new tooth. 🙂 The stories about your boys are really, really sweet. And I love the guys on the couch watching the movie. I bet there will be a lot more pictures like that on the couch as they get older. It makes me smile. Very sweet.

  4. You got some really great family pictures–it looked like a fun time!   Your teeth look good too, very natural!  I remember your hair shedding before, I hope it stops soon, how annoying.  The updates on all of you were so fun to read.  I love snuggling at bedtime too–it’s so cozy–I hope I never forget that feeling!  That’s so sweet about Elijah–some of that needs to rub off on Ethan.  He can be so sweet, but today, he pushed another boy really hard at McDonalds’ playland.  I felt so bad, I’m afraid we’ll have some repeats of that. 

  5. Nate loved the story about Hoosiers.  He told Campbell all about it.  The hair shedding thing is really, really irritating.  I used to have to clean out the drain several times during one shower.  Iggh.

  6. Zeke is looking like such a big boy–an adorably cute big boy!  🙂  I remember the hair shedding thing.  In fact, like 6 months after I had Jon, my hairdresser said something about my hair coming in nicely and I was so confused…then she explained how I had lost a lot of hair and now it was filling back in.  Crazy hormones…the weirdness of our bodies!  🙂 

  7. Yep, hair shedding is so not fun! Good thing I have a lot. I liked those updates, too. I think Zeke just started looking like a boy instead of a new baby…does that make sense? I see a huge difference between some of your recent posts and today’s. He is adorable!

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