Big Trip

Tomorrow we will be leaving on our first long adventure as a family of five.  July 4th is my Nana’s birthday, so we will be driving down to see her tomorrow.  Thursday we’ll drive to Dayton, OH and stay with Brian’s sister, Veronica until Monday.  We’re visiting a supporting church in Columbus area on Sunday.  Monday starts the GBIM family reunion.  I’m looking forward to great teaching during this time.  I’m also looking forward to seeing many of you—yippee!!!  On the way home I think we’ll be going to Indy to visit Brian’s mom—she hasn’t seen Zeke yet. Then go to Dayton to visit another supporting church.  Then we’ll go to Cleveland to get birth certificates for Brian and head to Columbus to get them authenticated with the seals needed for the two countries.  So we are zigzagging across Ohio on our way home.  If you think of it pray for our little guys over the next two weeks.  I really want to enjoy this and not be stressed out—something I can do all too easily.  I hope to be able to update, but I really don’t know what kind of availability we’ll find for internet.  Oh yeah, Bob—the friend of our family with the tumors in his brain.  Most of the tumors were removed, they were cancerous, but the cancer isn’t anywhere else in his body.  That was a big surprise because it usually is if it is in the brain.  So, he’ll receive chemo for the rest.  We are all praising God for the extra time he seems to be giving to Bob.  Thank you for praying and please keep praying for him spiritually, he has been undergoing a lot of spiritual warfare. 


7 thoughts on “Big Trip”

  1. We’ll be praying so much for your trip…especially as it relates to the boys.  I hope you will be able to post updates.  We’d really miss you on Xanga for two whole weeks.  That’s great news about Bob.

  2. I’m so happy to hear Bob’s cancer hadn’t spread! I’ve been thinking about him. Good luck with all the traveling. It sounds like quite a trip! I bet the boys will do great though.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys next week at the family reunion. (We are doing the worship each morning). Our kids will get to play together, too! What fun.  Have a wonderful family trip! 

  4. I’ll be praying for your trip too!!  We’d love to see you guys if there’s time–give us a call if you know you’ll have some free time, of course, you guys are totally welcome here, but we could drive to Warsaw too.  Let me know if something works=)  Awesome news about Bob–praise God!

  5. Do we know Bob? Cancer is such a bizarre and horrible thing, it seems to affect everyone somehow. I hope you guys have a really great time. Roadtrips are quite different post-kids, but I hope you’re able to enjoy the change of pace. It’s been awhile since I saw this, so I think the sleeping pics are so cute–they’re getting so big! Xanga’s so fun to keep up with people we otherwise wouldn’t. I feel like I know your kids! Happy trails to you!

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