We went to the YMCA this morning with Veronica and the girls, it was such a blast.  This is the most phenomenal Y I’ve ever seen.  It had three great play areas for kids and a nursery to check your kids in to work out.  We didn’t check them in—they played in a huge room of tunnels and tubes and another room of big blocks and mats(gymnastic mats).  They loved it.  I took the tail end of a Zumba class, which just so happened to be led by a lady Brian graduated with from high school. Zumba is an aerobic latin dance class, it was such a blast.  I wish we had one of these close to us, I’d go. Then there was a kids Zumba class, the boys wouldn’t do it, oh well. Brian got to play a game of basketball and his shoulder was sore at first, but loosened up and he won.  We all had a great time.  I want to dance again—I wonder if I could take some kind of dance classes in Costa Rica or Argentina? Have any of you Zumba–ed? 

Quick Elijah story, this morning while eating breakfast, Elijah turned around in his seat and looked at a huge world map on the wall and said, “world”.  What a smart little guy!  So, I’m sure it has to do with the little globe of the world Jason and Erika got Chi for his birthday—-but still, I was so surprised!


10 thoughts on “Zumba”

  1. I’ve never heard of zumba but it sounds really fun. I’m SURE you’d be able to take dance classes, at least in Argentina. I tease Rich a lot about taking tango lessons together in Argentina 🙂 Elijah is a smart boy! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Zumba sounds so fun.  I’m glad you got to try it out.  You can definitely take dance classes here in AR.  I’d bet you can in Costa Rica, too…if you have time with your other classes.  That Y sounds amazing.  I love kid friendly places.  And I really hope I get to see Rich and Jil take tango lessons. 

  3. The Y sounds amazing! What a good find! I’ve heard of zumba,but given my lack of coordination, I haven’t tried it. I think you guys, the E’s, and the D’s should all take tango lessons!!! Consider it a team-building exercise. Hehe!!

  4. I’m just trying to picture all you guys doind the tanga…lol!  I have never heard of Zumba but if it were available to me, I might consider giving it a shot. I’d probably look ridiculous but it sure would be fun : )  I bet you would really be good at that…with your dancing background.  The Y sounds like a really great place. It’s so fun to find those treasures when you are traveling. 

  5. Zumba sounds like the title of a kid’s show 😉 But Now that I know what it is – it sounds like a blast! You said you would like to dance again – do you have a background in dance?

  6. Dance class–that sounds so great–especially for you!  It seems like it would be really fun and a great stress reliever too.   The Y sounded awesome, I’m sure our kids would have loved it too.  Glad you all had a great day there!

  7. My best friend just started doing Zumba at her Y. She is a dancer, so she can handle that, but I am like Christa…just wishing I had some coordination to even consider something like that!

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