Crazy, crazy morning

We had a stressful morning.  Brian woke up still feeling really terrible.  We were supposed to leave for the airport at 11:45 this morning, but he was just looking miserable.  We got him into a doctor who goes to our church and he said he couldn’t go.  We found out at 11:30.  Poor Steve—the youth pastor—he was scrambling to make other plans. There were two drivers to drive through the night to Mississippi for youth conference.  Brian was the second leg.  The group was leaving tonight at 7 and meeting Brian in TN tomorrow, which they would then switch drivers and Brian would drive the rest of the way.  I am so glad he didn’t go, but Steve had to find a hotel for the students and staff tonight—there’s a lot of them going, so wow, he had to make a ton of last minute changes. The same driver who starts the trip will drive the second leg of it after stopping at the hotel for the night.  I hope all that makes sense. So, Brian will probably be flying out on Saturday as long as he gets better and doesn’t have anything serious, which isn’t out of the question yet.  We were so stressed this morning—well maybe not we, but I was.  And we got home right at lunch time, and it was just terrible.  Elijah was extremely fussy and wanted to be held, Zeke was crying because it was time to feed him and Malachi refused to eat the rest of his lunch.  AHHHHH–I wanted to go crawl into a hole and cry.  So, it all worked out.  Elijah finally ate his lunch with no crying, Malachi ate his too and Zeke got fed.  Then miraculously–I mean seriously,  miraculously, EVERYONE in the house fell asleep.  Even me.  I got an hour nap and then fed Zeke who fell asleep again. Everyone else is still asleep.  I got to do the dishes, open mail, and do lots of other odds and ends.  I decided to take some time now to blog about this.  I am still in awe of this.  I still hope to maybe tell about some of the things of our trip, we were gone so long and it seems weird to write about it now.  We’ll see how things end up after bed time tonight.


3 thoughts on “Crazy, crazy morning”

  1. So sorry about the sickness and craziness.  Those stressful moments can be so hard.  I’m really glad things worked out that Brian can stay home and rest a little, even if only for a few days.  I’m also glad that you could get a nap.  I hope your evening has been more relaxing.

  2. God knew you all needed naps after the morning–it’s awesome how He works out those little refreshers when we need them most.  I’ve needed them plenty of times!!  Oh, I hope and will be praying it’s nothing major with Brian and he’ll be feeling better soon, it’s so good he was able to see a doctor before he left.  Isn’t it so overwhelming when all three of your children are crying at the same time?  Sounds like you made it through very well, even though I’m sure it didn’t feel like it at the time!

  3. What a rough morning. I’m so glad the youth pastor was able to make a bunch of last minute quick changes. I hope Brian feels better very, very soon. You’re an amazing mom. I’m so glad after the morning craziness you were able to get a nap this afternoon. Naps help. A lot.

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