Our Travels

While we were on the road, Zeke turned three months old.  I got out the exersaucer this week, I figured we’d try it since this little guy has such strong legs and holds his head up pretty good .  He seems to like it.  Today he almost rolled from his back to his belly, it was so crazy.  His arm gets in the way, but he is so close and so determined to get somewhere.  While we were hanging out outside at the Manahans last weekend, using his legs he pushed himself across a full sized quilt onto the grass.  He is such an active little guy.

Our van reached a milestone on the road——100,000 miles.  It’s still holding up really well.  It has been a great van for our family.     

We got to hang out with the Elledges while out at the family reunion.  It was so refreshing to have some good talks with Jil. I’m thankful for such a depth of honesty and it was extremely encouraging to me.  I think our kids like each other too.

Emerson is such a sweet little girl.  My boys loved giving her hugs and kisses.

We had a nice visit with the Manahans.  My kids made two contributions to the Manahan household—-1. I think almost every toy was on the floor when we left their house(I really wanted to help clean up Christa)   2. a virus of some sort with a really high fever.   Thanks for having us and I hope we leave some positive contributions the next time we visit your place.

We also got to have a short visit with the Crabtrees.  I really wish we could have played some more together!  I don’t have any pictures of the fun my kids had at their place.  The play kitchen and stroller were favorites.

I’ll share more about the family aspect of my trip on another entry.


4 thoughts on “Our Travels”

  1. I loved watching our kids play together. I think they’re going to be very good friends. I can’t believe how strong Zeke is. He moved ACROSS a quilt? He’s super baby. I can’t believe that he’s strong enough for the exersaucer- I think Em was 4 months when she was strong enough for hers. I hope your days at home are getting more restful.

  2. Fun pictures!  Zeke sure is a strong little guy–he looks like he’s really enjoying the exersaucer.  I’m sad it didn’t work out to see you guys, but hopefully it will work out in the fall.  We shouldn’t have totally opposite schedules then=)  So glad it was a good trip and you got to see lots of friends and catch up.

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